Landie’s Sims

Gogo as a sim!

(screenshot from Landie’s Sim/JuicyBomb)

OMG! Sim Gogo is sooooo cute, I wish I was good at playing the sims! I bought Sims3 last year, but found it really difficult to play cos I kept trying to do SL-controls in the game, and it didn’t work LOL!

I saw a referral to my blog from Landie’s Sims tumblr site, and I found a couple of my looks from SL that she recreated for her sims, and they’re amazing!!! LOVE IT! I’m so happy Gogo is a stylish sim 😀

And since I don’t how to leave a comment on tumblr, I thought I would blog about it here. I love what you’ve done with your sims Landie! You could probably make really cute SL avs too!

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  1. Hey! This is exactly how I just found your site, from her tumblr! I’m a sim fanatic and you got me to download SL and now I’m furiously trying to figure out how to play it, now if only I could make as good of a looking sim like your model here.

  2. Aww the sims! I got so hooked with sim3 that everytime i went out i could hear ppl mumbling to me haha

  3. Love the Sims3, haven’t played for quite some time though. I always keep alt clicking something in the sims to zoom in on it… but that doesn’t work obviously lol. Landie did make an awesome sim! Mine never get that cute 😉 This blog post makes me want to play again!

  4. I’m REALLY glad you like her 🙂 I didn’t think you would see her. I almost thought I didn’t do very good. Gogo is gorgeous!

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