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G-Field released the Long Cuff Boots in 10 more colors so I picked up the fatpack and put together an outfit that doesn’t quite match the boots but I like it. While I was at G-Field, I noticed that the Peach colored boots from FFL was still up for sale, so if you didn’t get it then… you can get it now.

I’m @ monso main store for these pics. If you haven’t been to this store, definitely visit, cos the decor is great.

What I’m Wearing:

cheLLe – (lipstain) Moscato Kisses
Truth – Kalle (Champagne)
monso – My Yagu Jacket (White)
Tres Blah – Frou Frou Skirt (White)
G-FIeld – Long Cuff Boots “Will” (Mesh)

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  1. Ahwee! You look so cute and young!
    I adore the Monso jacket! Every time I wear it people enquire about it, but mainly I love it because it fits best out of almost all Mesh items I have!

  2. The G-Field boots have become a fast favourite in my wardrobe, so much so that I am going to get the rest of the colours, Thank you for the heads up Gogo

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