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Fishy Strawberry Allure

fishy strawberry lips tat

The new Allure Makeup set from Fishy Strawberry includes Lipsticks, Faded Lipsticks, and some Eye Shadows. My favorite from this set is the Faded Lipsticks, they blend more naturally with your skin and the lips are fairly large, so they should fit over most skins. I’ve tried them on Pink Fuel Alyx and Laqroki Linnea skin (worn above) and the lips fit perfectly.

Check out the Fishy Strawberry ad to see all the colors, and visit The Dressing Room to get ’em!

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  1. Angela Kwak

    The lipsticks are not large but HUGE! een my old skin Alison from LAQ is over covered. I have till now never seen a lipstick that would fit on that skin only reason why I can’t use them on that skin is because the corners are lower then the original.
    The corners do fit all other skins but with those the lips are to large.

    The fade lipsticks are large but not large enough to cover my Alison skin.

    My conclusion is that I don’t like the eyes, I don’t like the lipsticks but I do like the faded lipsticks. And the price is perfect even if its just for the faded lipsticks.

  2. Savannah

    I’m in love with the textures in that hair you’re wearing. Can you tell me what it is? Thanks, Gogo!

    • Gogo

      Milana – Lynn

      • Savannah

        Thank you!

  3. Danna Martiel

    can you tell me what tabs (eyelashes) using in this pic please***??? Thank´s Gogo***!!!

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