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Let’s decorate!

I have a couple of really cute new decor items I want to show you guys!

couverture - pendant light

I love lights, they really add warmth to any room. Each couverture Pendant is scripted to texture change and turn the light on/off (also includes weak/strong light option)

Spry - semi-sweet poster art

The Spry semi-sweet poster art are super cheerful! Love these!

Starstruck - Romance posters; Sprayed Out Table

Starstruck has a new Sprayed Out Table that’s so adorable with some paint splatters all around. The Romance posters (mesh) are also available at the main store now.

What are you waiting for? Go decorate!


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  1. Isabelle Requiem

    I love those posters from Spry! I just grabbed them a few days ago and put them in my shop <3 Awesome seeing decor on here!

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