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Mon Tissu; Mesh jeans!

This is a preview! I rarely ever post soon-to-be released items until they’re out, but I really wanted to show you guys these new mesh jeans from Mon Tissu.

Mon Tissu

Mon Tissu – Nora Skinny Jeans (Mesh)

Mesh Jeans have been released on the grid for quite some time, but this is the first pair that I’ve ever worn. I took a bunch of pictures to show you guys the differences between regular texture (with sculpted prim cuffs) jeans vs. mesh jeans.

Mon Tissu

Mon Tissu – Lou Lou Denim vs. Mon Tissu – Nora Skinny Jeans

One of the most noticeable difference is the higher resolution texture! The mesh jeans looks so realistic! Even though I am a huge fan of the Mon Tissu Lou Lou Denim (I wear them all the time), I think the Nora Jeans are even better texture-wise. I also love the natural shape of the legs and the way the cuff wraps around my ankle.

Mon Tissu

I think the shape of the butt will be a big deal for everyone — so I took a bunch of photos to show how it looks from all sides! I think it’s a little bit squished on me, and there’s really nothing I can do to ‘fix’ this, unless I stretch my “hip length” but that’s not a good fix cos it stretches the pelvis area too much. The butt looks alright from the back, but can look pretty squished in some poses and side view (see example below):

Mon Tissu

Here’s a few more comparison pics of regular jeans vs. mesh jeans:

Mon Tissu

I liked my thighs touching a lil’ before, but I noticed that these mesh jeans have a slightly built-in leg gap.

Mon Tissu

More noticeable in this image! Depends on which pose you’re using, the leg gap can be minimal or totally noticeable.

Overall, I am pretty happy with my first pair of mesh jeans and can’t wait for different cuff styles! and more butt-styles! 🙂

These jeans will be out at Mon Tissu tomorrow, in 7 different colors in Standard Sizes and also includes Flats or Heels length, and With Loops (for belt) or No Loops.

I can’t wait for you guys to try these! Come back and let me know what you think.

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  1. Liv Zerundi

    Yay for mesh jeans! That butt looks a bit weird indeed, can’t wait to try them on though!

  2. Tracy Redangel

    They look great! I agree about the butt, because on the “old” texture jeans, they make my butt look great lol. I can’t wait to try these new jeans.
    There is a developer who has created a mesh deformer ( I think it was originally for the Firestorm viewer) that shapes mesh items to your body so you don’t have to mess with the sliders, or alpha layers. I wonder if that would make a difference with how these jeans look. I think Linden Labs is working with that person to incorporate the mesh deformer with the V3 viewers as well. Now if only all the people with Phoenix and V1 viewers would just upgrade their browers! LOL

    • chillilly

      Based on the most recent changes for third party viewers, we won’t see any mesh deformer unless it gets added to the main LL viewer, because the deformer alters meshes in a way that only those viewers with the significant code will render correctly.

      Quarl, who already coded the prim alignment tool, works independently and isn’t part of a viewer crew. The code of the alpha release of the mesh deformer did make it to a few viewers, though… NiranV’s, for example. And there are several videos explaining the functions, but also the drawbacks of the deformer.

      As for the jeans… I’m not sure yet if I like the slight curve on the thigh just above the knee. Wonder how it’ll look in larger sizes. I tried a couple of demo pants so far and while some may properly fit around the waistline and butt for a standard size L, the legs looked almost the same like a much smaller size. Way out of scale. I hope this won’t happen with these jeans.
      Plus, some other mesh pants have a tendency to follow the “pony riders” shapes trend with a significantly larger gap inbetween the thighs… meh.

  3. Velvet (Avalyn) Valeska

    I also love the Lou Lou jeans but these mesh jeans look awesome! Can’t wait to try a pair! Thanks for the comparisons.

  4. Vixxie Vultee

    oooh, i love the way those cuffs look. mon tissu’s jeans are def some of my faves too, i am so excited to try the mesh pair now!

  5. Marianne Little

    Hmmm. The butt was very… big. I better demo it, because I really like the rest.

  6. Asia Romano

    They look great. I have noticed with quite a few of the mesh jeans that the bum sometimes looks like two puppies wrestling under a 🙂

  7. Ayami Imako

    I guess I am in the minority in that I think the non-mesh jeans look better (as worn on the avatar).. yes the textures arn’t as high rez, though I have a few pair of jeans that could match the mesh ones for detail .. but yeah the gap in the legs, the butt.. I dunno.. I just prefer the texture jeans and the individuality of fit. Probably also prefer them because I seldom wear cuffs on jeans, prefering to tuck them in to boots or wear capri’s and I’ve had good luck adjusting prim cuffs and even waistbands when I do need them.

  8. Ambrosia Miklos

    Maybe it’s because of the shading, I like non-mash one better. As you pointed out, your butt look more natural and curvy. And yes, I like the hems that looks very real without extra prims. Cute shoes, by the way!

  9. Lourdes

    I agree the texture is better on the mesh jeans, however don’t like the built in shape. The butt shape is odd. Maitreya just previewed skinny mesh jeans. I like the butt on those better.

  10. Marie

    I don’t think the high-res textures and cuffs are a good trade-off for all the imperfections in the mesh jeans. The butt looks really bad and the standard shapes just don’t offer enough individuality nor do they fit your body right.

  11. Ami Burner

    I must be weird, because that’s what my butt looks like in real life.
    The mesh looks incredible, puts the original texture pants to shame.

  12. Mina von Herzog

    well i just bought them and they look really nice BUT my legs look so anorexic now and i kinda look like one of those invisible pony riders! which is not my style :(((

    • Ami Burner

      Let’s refrain from saying “legs” look anorexic – your legs are individually suffering from distorted body image? I don’t know about you, but my legs don’t have a brain of their own. You should say they look slender or very skinny. Maybe you need to shrink your hips to accommodate them – they are very nice looking pants. Know the difference between having a natural gap – which I have between my legs, for example – and being an invisible pony rider, too. You probably look just fine.

      • chillilly

        Successor of the system skirt shapes: Anti-rider mesh hips shapes.

  13. MissKitty Fairlady

    I love everything about them, except the gap in the legs. It’s far wider than I normally have and even though I like the texture better, I don’t know that it’s a trade I can make.

  14. Gwyneth Oh

    I like the mesh jeans. Evne the butt looks alright on my avi. BUT the leg gap is so ugly. What a pity. Maybe they´ll consider an updatE? The tex and all is great!

  15. Marianne Little

    I think these look best in XS or XXS, then I hardly see any gap between the legs, and also the butt looked natural. I was just working on a slender shape with almost no hips, and they look good on this one.
    It was disappointing that i couldn’t wear my Slink rigged mesh feet with them, the cuffs are so tight that the ankle show through. Well, I had not trashed my prim Slink feet, they solved the problem.
    I really love the texures. I wonder how we can use mesh jeans tucked into boots? Should sell a pair of these in different heights for boots, they would look awesome in the Charlie mesh boots.

  16. chillilly

    Somehow, I’m annoyed that the demos cost 1L.

  17. Five Latte

    So, I am part of Mon Tissu’s group and we soiree members got into Mayfair a day early…I bought the jeans WITHOUT trying the demo (which is 100% my fault) pretty much bc i trust mon tissu…i own pretty much every item they have ever sold and love love love so much that i just bought the jeans. Well my OPINION is that the bum is really really weird…and we all know that the bum is pretty important when it comes to jeans. Also, the thighs seemed way to thin for my liking. I don’t think i will be wearing these jeans 🙁

  18. Brooke Amorosi

    Total bummer. The gap between my legs is HUGE. So disappointing, but I maybe eventually there will be some mesh advancements to help this problem.

  19. Paige Muircastle

    They wanted 1L for demo.
    I walked out.
    Screw them.

  20. Bia

    As we are always supposed to wear somebody’s preset body idea for clothes I really dislike mesh. And we hardly can edit them. Not to say those alpha layers under the skirts making our crotches invisible. And mesh hair stuck in the head looks really not good, flex hairs look way more natural. Overall I think mesh is only good for photos. Wish it was never released, for me it is only good to show the annoying mesh queue in my viewer.

  21. Anahata

    saw some really narrow hipped girls standing around celoe in the new jeans. looked good on them. i’m afraid i would have a too wide hip leg gap issue too. i refuse to lose my hips!

  22. leilani

    The butt shape is odd. Bought the DEMO and I feel like my avie is wearing diapers under her jeans.

  23. Smash Drezelan

    I, for one, am happy to *finally* see a pair of mesh jeans/pants WITH a butt. I haven’t been able to buy any mesh pants so far because of the lack of butt. I think these look amazing. I’ll totally deal with a little thigh gap for those jeans.

  24. Kirsten Corleone

    They were not for me. What size are you wearing GoGo? I need the small size for my waist, but then the legs look SO thin! Your legs do not look like mine did in my pictures- so I got to think you are wearing a bigger size? I looked/compared – some different jeans/pants on my blog.

    • Gogo

      Hmmmm… Medium

  25. callie cline

    nice comparision. for now prefer non mesh in the jeans.. i love tres blah’s and other brands, my own included, in non mesh.

    some things i liked more like the ‘waist band” i guess it’s a trade off… thanks for showing it side by side. i LOVE jeans in sl… love wearing and making them, so this will be intesting to see evolve.

    good blog post 🙂

  26. UnScene Tomorrow

    After reaching the bottom of your blog, I must say that you have a unique way of describing your outfits. I really appreciate the way you target yout photos to show exactly what you are describing in each post.

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