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Torn (by Torn Difference) is a new-to-me brand with lots of mesh clothing! I tried on a couple of items that I really liked, and they fit pretty well. I finally chose this Marie dress in Berry color cos it has a cute hoodie (not very visible in my pic, sorry) on the backside. I think this brand has a lot of potential, the way they shape the clothes is definitely sexy but I really do not like that the mesh items are invisible/transparent on the inside!


I die a lil’ on the inside when I try on mesh items that are not lined cos they look horrible in pics! Dearest designer, please line your mesh items so they’re not invisible on the inside. It’s really noticeable!

Other than that issue, I like what I’ve seen so far from Torn (or House of Torn).

What I’m Wearing:

Exile – Rumour has it (Drift)
Torn – Marie Dress (Berry)
Celoe – Xylia Pumps (Claret)
Su vida – Anchored foot tattoo
Donna Flora – Camelia Black Ring

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  1. benê

    i agrees with you , it may looks weird the inside trasparent on the extremes as collar and end therefore i don’t think it is possible to have a definetely good ”align” because mesh will look different into each shape.

  2. pizza

    I believe one of the reasons most creators tend to make an article of mesh clothing transparent on the inside is because when the clothing is “lined” it has more vertices and when an object has more vertices it creates more lag.

  3. Aisling MacMoragh

    Beautiful look, Gogo, and I agree, visible transparency on a mesh item is a big turn off for me. It actually would stop me from buying the item.

    Related question: Does this store offer demos? Stores that don’t offer a demo for a mesh item pretty much send me running, right away, as well. I notice you said you tried several items and then settled on this one. Just wondering if you meant you tried on demos before buying or you bought or were sent several items to review (I am thinking that it wasn’t this last option since you didn’t indicate it was a review copy, and I know you try to do that when it is.)? If you had to buy several items to see how they looked only to find out the inner parts were trans parent on items, that would be discouraging.

  4. Vianne

    Gogo, I’m the same with invisible insides!
    Especially as often Mesh designers have perkier, larger boobs than I tend to have on my avie.
    If the inside is coloured, it just looks like the cloth is hanging loose, if invisible, it looks… yeah, it makes me die a little on the inside!

  5. Vixxie Vultee

    it seems like dark-haired gogo likes wearing tattoos more often.. i approve of this!

  6. Becca Ashbourne

    I simply won’t wear mesh clothes that are invisible on the inside like this. Like Gogo says, I die a little on the inside.

    To be honest I find very, very few mesh clothes measure up (no pun intended) to my requirements and expectations. Boots and shoes, on the other hand (or foot) are on the whole pretty good and lend themselves really well to Mesh.

  7. Anahata

    i just did a post myself about mesh not fitting, i always have a problem with the boobs having a space between skin and fabric (if you look down) and the hips being too narrow. i have a normal shaped body (med size boobs and good hip/shoulder ratio). some places fit great though, i can especially count on “standard sizing”.

  8. aeris Alenquer

    The reason why creators making mesh outfist “invisible inside” is because they can decrease the number of Polygoms. Polygoms are the things that causes lagg and makes us crash. The secondlife still doesnt have enough capacity for that much detailed mesh i think.

    The invisible layer is not a fault but is something made on purpose. After they finish mesh items they need to find a way to reduce polygoms . SO they just neglecting some pieces so they can render it inside Secondlife. thx.

  9. Becca Ashbourne

    Thanks for the explanation, Aeris, but it doesn’t alter the fact that it looks absolutely awful and puts me off making a purchase.

  10. Airedine Poe

    Though I think you could make it appear to be fixed by bringing the poly faces up just a little inside the hems of the neck/waist/sleeves/legs etc and leaving the middle (where you can’t see anything anyway) blank. Not that many more polys, and it’d appear to fix this problem :3

  11. La

    If they fill inside it doubles the lag, aka twice more “prims” just to fill the insides where most of the people wouldn’t even see the gap
    I still buy these because it doesn’t really bug me that much and of course it’s a small sacrifice to avoid lagging myself and people around as I’m always clubbing.
    But for photo bloggers I can see how it’s a turn off…

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