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Truth Hair

Truth hair

I tend to start watching shows a lot later than everyone else — for example, my friends have been telling me for ages to watch True Blood, but when I finally started, it was already almost Season 4. I was able to catch up on all of it on HBOGO, and it’s so satisfying not having to wait a whole week for a new episode (like I’m currently doing with The Walking Dead).

Anyway, back to the point of this post! I started watching Game of Thrones this week (I’m on episode 6 now), and I know I’m pretty late to the show but I’m so happy all of Season 1 is available on HBOGO as well. I’ll probably finish it this week and wait for Season 2! While GoT would not have normally been ‘my thing’, I found myself really enjoying some of the characters, especially Khal Drogo (so hot) and Daenerys Targaryen (so brave, and I love her hair color!!!). This post is inspired by Daenerys hair color, instead of wearing my usual Swedish or Champagne, I’m wearing Snow! Truth hair has a wonderful Snow color in the Black & Whites pack.

The rest out of my outfit just kind of fell together, and I loooove the Chelsea Dress from Celoe with prints!

What I’m Wearing:

Truth – Dee (Snow)
Celoe – Chelsea Dress (Nevada)
Celoe – Xylia Pump (Buccaneer)
Donna Flora – CARMELIA Necklace & Ring

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  1. Ember Hanly

    I’ve been meaning to watch both of those shows, and probably-maybe-possibly I’ll get around to doing just that, haha. I was surprised by the extra detail of the pink around the eye – it looks great.

    On another note, you’ve probably addressed this before (though I tried searching for it in your past posts) I adore your “default” windlight setting and have been tinkering with mine ever since the V2 update made it more difficult (for me) to brighten up my character and world. Do you have any advice as to what settings I should use?

  2. Five Latte

    I like this new Truth hair…only wish Truth would have different sizes for his mesh hairs (this one seemed a little big for my avatar’s head)

  3. Gwyneth Oh

    I so love that dress! Summer has arrived in SL 🙂

    Does anyone of you have a problem with truth – and only truth – mesh hair on firestorm too? I wear all kind of mesh clothes but the truth hair never rezzes right, not even after relog. Is there any fix?

    • Iain Pinelli

      I’ve been having issues too, Gwyneth.

      Truth’s hair doesn’t sit just right, i’ve noticed this with all the rigged mesh demo’s.
      However there is a difference between Rigged and Non-Rigged!
      Rigged – Moves with your avatar
      Non-Rigged – Regular prim-hair styled.

      I’m personally working with mesh at the moment and its not easy to get right! It’s completely trial and error.

      Exile have produced some nicely sitting rigged mesh hair so far, but I can imagine Truth are experimenting at the moment it might take them a few more tries to get it right!

    • Liv Zerundi

      I’ve been having that issue too. The annoying thing is that on mesh items there is no “texture refresh” option. For me it does rezz right after a relog. Maybe try the inworld Firestorm support group (search for phoenixviewer support), someone in that group might know a trick!

  4. Abby Fyanucci

    I’ve been using snow more lately too.

  5. Apple May

    I absolutely love Game of Thrones. It’s my favorite show right now topping Spartacus (I know, bloody and super sexual at times but love the story line). As for anyone having a problem loading textures on their meshes it’s one of several bugs. I found that when uploading the mesh, if using the inworld scaling option anything below 1.00 in dimension will cause huge delays in rez time.

    Of course this problem happens with meshes uploaded with out scaling, since it’s a new feature I think the kinks will be worked out as we go.

  6. Iain Pinelli

    I have found a solution, there is a bug in the mesh ‘queue’ where too much is trying to get through the door at once.
    Advanced Menu : Ctrl+Alt+D
    Go to ADVANCED > DEBUG SETTINGS and change the settings to the following:
    Meshbytespertriangle: 64 or higher
    Meshmaxconcurrentrequests: 64 or higher
    Meshminimumbytessize: 1

    The Meshmaxconcurrentrequest’s is the most important bit, as this increases the ‘size of the door’ allowing more mesh through. This is a bug LL is aware of and should fix in future.

  7. Delilas

    Truths mesh fits my head well, but for some reason, they don’t move with me like other meshes. In my basic pose for my AO, hairs often cut through my face and neck. I used to be 80% truth hair, 20% elikatira/friday. Now I’m edging towards more Exile and other brands that handle mesh better.

  8. Hajra

    um, What hair do you use?x

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