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I love challenges that requires NO PHOTOSHOP! I’m forever amazed by how nice residents in SL can capture photographs with just the in-world tools available to everyone. I remember when we didn’t have Windlight, Shadows, or Depth of Field!! I think all of these things make it so easy to capture reasonably nice looking photographs with little effort. If you’re up for a challenge, check out Unedited!

For the image above, I modified one of Torley’s Windlight settings and enabled Depth of Field.

From the Unedited challenge group info:

This is a blogging/photography challenge put together by Harlow Heslop. Your challenge is to take a completely unedited photograph in Second Life. You are allowed to use any windlight you please, but you aren’t allowed to use HUDs, photoshop, or any other altering/editing software to enhance/decorate your photograph. How beautiful will your photo be? Time to find out!

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  1. Asta Bonbon

    Gogo, I’ve got a question 🙂 Do you know any good SL-blogs about what’s new/happens in SL? Like Ruthed was, kind of or some “gossip” blog? But less.. gossipy? Haha, I dunno, but a blog that keeps us up to date? 🙂


    Nice challenge, Second Life is developing greatly and the introduction of the windlight was a great development because it does transform one and most times you wont need photoshop to do the work.

  3. Harlow Heslop

    So glad you participated! Your photo turned out awesome! <3

  4. Anahata

    i don’t even know how to photoshop *except for using the different filters which is mega obvious* and maybe playing with stamp type things, i wish i knew how to do all the cool things in PS. i like raw stuff, at least i can compare it to my own work haha. cool group!

  5. Carina

    I like raw shots because a) I think it’s MORE of a challenge to find that right spot and right angle and b) it showcases SL’s in-grid graphics. It advertises for SL everytime.

  6. Starved MAGIC

    i think photoshop is over used….not only in SL but in everything….and morphing to me is nice but when i am in SL….i like using my avitar….check out my flickr shots…..

    the only thing is…my graphic card is limited on this laptop so i am not able to use the shawdow effects…..but i do like the different windlight settings….and being creative…there is one set of pics that i have just done …with a photo booth in SL….love the poses….

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