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Verve – Ava Skin

Verve - Ava

Adorable new Ava skin from Verve! The face is really what sold me on this skin, even if the body is so-so. This skin comes packed with tons of options — cleavage, hair base, freckles tattoo, 8 lipsticks tattoo, and 4 teeth tattoo.

Verve - Ava

Shown above is the Ava skin in Light, Sunblush and Tan skin tone.

I’m wearing the Light Hair version, but there’s also Dark Hair for sale separately. I really wish both brows were included in the same pack, it seems kind of expensive to have to purchase two packs, just to be able to change your brows color!

Hop on over to Verve to try Ava!

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  1. Julia Kamachi

    I am amazed at how you always look like yourself no matter what skin you have on.AM I dreaming or did u change lashes !? And cute hair too !

  2. Starved MAGIC

    I agree…no matter what skin you wear you always look like YOU….

  3. Sedge Weyland

    What makes the body so-so? I’m used to more from your skin reviews. 🙂

    That is a super super cute face, though!

    • Gogo

      Ohhhh Sedge! Calling me out 🙂 I guess I got lazy and didn’t do a very thorough job. If you demo.. check out the arms, shoulder blades highlight, kinda harsh. Also, the cleavage is bright and I just think the body is a bit reddish… not really my fav skin tone.

  4. chillilly

    Frankly, a huge turn-off for me is that extremely light soft V shape on top of the lips to indicate a highlight.

    Some other designers do it, too, and while it’s not very obvious on pale shades, it looks quite weird on darker shades.

    • Delilas

      This is something I hate too. It is so unrealistic to have a shiny philtrum. Sometimes it almost looks like someone seriously messed up their lip gloss.

      • chillilly

        Philtrum. New word learned. 🙂

    • Liv Zerundi

      I never noticed that light V before! But I just found out my skin has it too and now it annoys me lol. I guess it’s time to find a new skin!

  5. Viva

    I have a mac and if I try firestorm or the new sl viewer 3 i still crash like crazy is there any mesh viewers that are good for macs?? if anyone has any input it would help ALOT! 🙂

    • Carina

      I use firestorm on Mac and it works great for me! *shrug*

  6. Tori

    *sigh* the light is very dark and has a brownish orange tone. I thought this face looked familiar and this brand use to be AtomicBambi. Which had cute faces but the tones were always way too dark for me or the face just didn’t look good on my shape. The shoulder shading…very interesting. I still think the line has tons of potential. I just wish skin makers would steer away from the orange brown tones, especially in pale skins. They do not look good pale.

  7. kari

    i love the hair..was wondering what its called and from which store?

    • Gogo

      Truth – Juliette

    • Carina

      I love the hair too! Adorable!

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