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Huuuuugs! This new Mimi’s Mannequin & Wall Art (not shown) pose prop is available at Pose Fair [click this link for a direct TP to What Next]! I loved this pose (pose 1, the hugging one) the minute I saw it, cos it’s just so adorable!!

Add Celoe as your contact on Flickr! I add everyone (especially designers) on Flickr so I can get a first peek at all of their coming soon items. I saw this dress today on Celoe’s stream, and I wanted everything shown! Did you notice that some designers are featuring mesh heads in their ads lately? Want want want want want want want!

I’ll wear a HOT looking mesh head, would you?

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What I’m Wearing:

Laqroki – Linnea (Fair) Dark Brows (08)
Exile – All I Am (B) (Frost)
w/ Fantasia – Wanalei Hair Flower (part of outfit)
Celoe – April Dress (coming April 20th)
Celoe – Xylia Pumps (Patina)

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  1. I don’t understand the picture of Celoe, it’s a doll ? I don’t get either what a mesh head would be, in my mind it means that we would all have the same face, am I wrong ? If you can explain a bit more, I would love to hear about ^^

  2. I see mesh on all the blogs now. I do love the mesh things but I don’t buy them because half of the stuff leaves me bald, with half a head missing, clothes not fitting, half of body missing, etc. Even to people who HAVE mesh viewers! Am I the only one with this problem?

    • sometimes my skin peeks out of my mesh pants.. but goes away, i did go somewhere with mesh hair the other day and was informed i was bald. i can see it but i don’t know if others can and who’s side the screw up is on.

    • I’ve seen some mesh heads in beta from reputable SL brands, so I think it may be original content, not just from other 3D stores.

      • Oh It seems your right! I just saw Emma comment on Flickr about the heads saying :
        ” Thank you!! The whole head is actually mesh created by Jaden and it hasn’t been released yet, so this is a skin made for that! <3"

        Thats pretty nice! It seems to imply they will be making some modular sets or something like that. Those have got to be mesh hands too, they are just so flawless compared to the sl hands.

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