I just love this April dress from Celoe so much, I’ve worn it several times already! When I blogged it two weeks ago, it was not yet released, but the dress is out now, along with a couple of other short dresses! I’ve also been horrified to discover that every single time I have worn this dress, I have forgotten to wear underwear, so please remember to wear yours! 🙂


Mmm Fanta (like the Orange flavored soft drink) looks great on! I didn’t want to wear too much Orange, so I paired it with Montsegur Pumps in White from Mon Tissu, and a Fresh Spring Necklace from Dark Mouse.

What I’m Wearing:

Friday – Scarlett 2 (Happy Blond)
Celoe – April Dress (Fanta)
Dark Mouse – Fresh Spring Necklace
Mon Tissu – Montsegur Pumps (White)

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  1. lol funny story, I was wearing this dress, and assuming that most mesh dresses make that part of our anatomy invisible didn’t do a panty check. I was dancing at a club and all of a sudden I got a texture sent to me from a stranger. When it rezzed I realized it was a picture taken up my skirt of my pixel lady parts. He then asked if he could dancer closer, told him he was already close enough as it was, eeks!

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