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Sometimes an older skin just fits better with the look I’m going for, so I wore my beloved Gem skin from LeLutka. This was released in early 2011, so it is older but not too old, yet! I have 3 favorite brands that I like to switch between, but I try not to wear the super old products (nothing 2010 and beyond).

How old is too old for skins? Do you stop wearing your “favorite” skin after some time has passed, or is it wearable for as long as you love it?

What are your top 3 favorite skins (or skin brands)?

What I’m Wearing:

LeLutka – Gem/HUSH-Makeup8/LBrows
Exile – In The Meantine (Vanilla)
Swallowtail – Flower Crown (Blue)

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  1. dawnde lane

    top 3 fav stores are
    Pink fuel

  2. Lourdes

    Tuli (I hope she comes back)
    Al Vulo

  3. Tracy Redangel

    My absolute favorite skin I wear is from LAQ – Nellie in Milky. It’s from 2010, so I guess it’s pretty old! I’ve been wearing it for most of my SL, but I just can’t find anything I like better, or that feels like “me”. I have other LAQ skins, but I always go back to Nellie. The other brand I wear is Redgrave Jessica, because it’s specifically a redhead skin. It’s older too, but I love it. I’m actually not crazy about other Redgrave skins, but that one I love so much I got both the open and closed mouth fatpacks. I do keep my look up-to-date and unique by wearing different makeup tattoos. I’ve tried looking for different skins brands, but haven’t found anything new I like better than what I already have.

  4. Gabi Fitzgerald

    I keep changing my skin all the time. I just can’t use the same skin for long hehehe So I have many favorites like Mynerva, Illusory, Tres Blah, Al Vulo, LAQ,the new Leah from Glam Affair, I also like some Iren, Dutch Touch, and the list goes on.. lol
    And no, I usually don’t wear my old skins, because my yesterday’s favorite isn’t the same as today’s… hehe

  5. Kirsten Corleone

    Basically, I think any skin pre-windlght is too old for sure. Those skins just look washed out now with the windlight lighting. I think since our lighting in SL is better, the skins had to ‘step up’ and get more detailed to keep up.

    Hmmm. top 3? I am not sure I can narrow it down. I like skins =)
    League (loving Jen), Tuli, Belleza, Lara Hurley, Filthy, Apple May, and Adam n Eve

    Everyone’s skin list is going to be different I bet because thankfully- we all like different things and have unique looks, something that I like in SL. For me the number one important thing is the skin tone. Even if I love other things like lips or makeup, if I can’t find a skin tone that is right (not too yellow or gray; not too dark or light) then I don’t wear the skin.

    • Tracy Redangel

      This is a really dumb question (considering I’ve been in SL for almost 2 years! LOL) but when did windlight come out? O.o

      • Kirsten Corleone

        I think around 2008ish- late 2008 or early 2009 (I think).

        I think of Naughty skins, Lovey skins, Celestial, and X2 that I still see on the grid when I think of pre-windlight skins. Usually the Naughty and X2 skins are worn by noobs and they are ripped copies. The new players usually don’t even know they are wearing stolen skins. Do you guys remember when the Naughty skins got copybotted and every noob in Sl was wearing them- such a sad time for skin creators! That was before eloh eliot and others shared their psd’s and opened up the world of skinning. Before that time there were a handful of good skinners, now they are all over the grid!

        I digress- if you have a Naughty or other pre-windlight skin, It is time to box them up and try on some demos =) There is a really great list of great skin stores being created in this comment section to get started with.

  6. Inferna Marker

    My top three skin brands are:

    Dutch Touch

    My top three favorite skins are:

    Phoebe (LAQ)
    Tiana (Dream Ink)
    Love (Illusory)

  7. Anya Frey

    I’m not really a big fan of changing up my skin, I find that after you get a skin and shape then that’s “you” though I just recently updated. I love Curio and AL Vulo

  8. Deoridhe Quandry

    I started out with Curio and Nomine skins, but these days I rock De La Soul almost all the side, with side servings of Fallen Gods and Skinthesis when I want non-human skin tones.

  9. Danni

    Well, I love Al Vulo, Curio, LeLutka, PF, and Mynerva. However, I decided since Leah from Glam Affair That is getting SO MUCH HYPE was out at “The Gallery Gift Shop” for only 499L for one color set I’d try it.

    BIG MISTAKE! I usually don’t mind a Glam Affair or didn’t. But, the face is pretty and the body is GREY with huge GREY shadows under the boobs. I really should have did a naked demo. I am so sad. I feel like I lost my 499L! πŸ™ So NOT worth it. Now, I have a skin with strange red brows, a pink pretty face, and AWFUL body. ICK!

  10. Anahata

    i still wear the free gift dutch touch skin i got when iki had just released cleo and the group was still free to join.

  11. Isabelle Requiem

    I don’t think anything is ever too old to wear if you really like it ^_^ I am a skin a holic so sometimes I do bring out the older ones that I like because I buy skins so often that I don’t wear them all for too long.

    My top 3 skin brands are: Dutch Touch, the body co, & Pink Fuel (and that was really hard to narrow down!)

  12. Hito

    Funny you should post about skins- I’m currently on the hunt for a new skin!

    In my entire SL existence [since 2007] I’ve only had 4 skins. The 1st skin I ever bought was by some random skin maker who’s name I do not recall and have since closed down. I swear I only wore that skin for a week before finding “Naughty Designs” by Lost Thereian. I bought the “Alina Spotlight Gurl Beach Tan” because it had the hairbase. Now I rocked that skin for the next 2 years and I avoided all the pretty new skins I saw only because they didn’t have hairbases.

    Then in 2009 I heard Redgrave released a new skin with a hairbase option so I went and snatched up the “Leona Skin” in tan. Loved everything about it except that the lips looked too wet/plump. Then I found Belleza’s “Jesse skin” in Sunkiss and have been in that skin to this day. I loved that skin and with the advent of makeup tattoos didn’t really see the need to get a new one… Until Last week when I noticed it had seems on the arms and legs! [3 years walking around with seems ah!]

    So now I’m back in my Leona skin from Redgrave until I find a new one that feels like me. πŸ™‚

    • Carina

      Hi Hito,

      Try Izzie’s Cassandra. One of my avie’s wore Redgrave’s Leona for quite a long time and I just switched. You might like it too.

  13. Audrey

    Uh, gawd. As if I could ever narrow it down to three! I’m such a skin addict. :X

    I will say that my absolute favorite skin brand in all of SL is Pink Fuel, hands down. I really like the hand-drawn, softer skins vs. the more realistic ones. The only thing I don’t like about PF is the long wait times between releases. Ah well.

    I also really love Dutch Touch skins and I’m glad she’s back in business. Her tones are fantastic and the faces are beautiful.

  14. Becca Ashbourne

    I’m incredibly fussy with skins and hate changing, and I’ve tended to stick with Laqroki as their skins seem to suit me well. I think my last 3 or 4 have been from Laq and I’m currently wearing their new Minna.

    I’ve tried Curio in the past, at a friend’s insistence, but it didn’t suit me at all. And have demoed loads from different places but none but Laq seem to be “me”

    You can see some pics on my Flickr if you’re interested (I don’t expect anyone to be. LOL!)

  15. Smash Drezelan

    I switch it up with skins. About a year ago, I would only wear PXL – like, I literally never took their Linda skin off. I loved how realistic it looked without looking really photoskinned with tons of pores and stuff (which I hate). Then I went through a really big AlVulo kick because she/(he? – not sure. i think it’s a girl) just makes the cutest little faces.. but I’m a dark blonde, so I really wish her tannest skin tone has a light brows option (maybe she does now, not sure). But lately, I’ve been wearing Ebba by LAQ because I think it’s one of the most beauitful skins I’ve ever seen. I am thinking about buying PXL’s Kate skin though.

    So my top three, currently would be:

    Pink Fuel
    Illusory (the cutest noses/mouths ever, the skin tones just arent.. saturated(?) enough for me.. I wish the tones were a little warmer).

    I’m really weird about skins though – I stick with certain brands and it’s really, really hard to get me to switch.

  16. Java Clip

    I think as long as you love it and it still looks great by all means wear it!

    My fav skins: LAQ: Linnea and Minna (peach) League: Jen (sunkissed) Pink Fuel: Elly
    I tend to always to back to Linnea, but I’m really liking Jen right now.

  17. Leilani A

    I had tons of fav skin brands but atm my top fav are:


    I own many skins from Curio, Filthy, Al Vulo, Atomic, Illusory, Tuli, LAQ, Glam, Pink Fuel, Lara and Apple May.
    I find the Lelutka skins make me look…washed out and kinda mature. Belleza skins for women tend to all look the same apart from the very last release. I look forward to more from them

  18. Ysa

    The long story:

    When I find a skin that fits me well, I like to stay in it for awhile. I started out with a pretty (at the time) Redgrave Fat Pack in a golden brown shade whose name alludes me, at the moment. I played around with different skins after awhile, but always went back to my ‘Angelina’ skin. At least until a couple of years ago, when I began looking for just the ‘perfect shade of brown’ for my Island Girl avi. After tons upon tons of demos and several purchases, I found LAQ’s Tasha skin, from the Glow Line. It was perfect from head to toe, except that it was still not quite the right shade. But I’d spent my hard-earned on it, and it IS very beautiful, with my shape. I settled into my new skin, happy and content – well, so I thought, anyway. Until Adam&Eve released a group gift skin, in honor of the recently-deceased Etta James. I tried it on and fell in LOVE. With a FREEBIE. Can you say *AWESOME!*?? Of course, I just use different tattoo makeups to change up my look, from day to day.

    Now, Adam&Eve skins aren’t quite as detailed as some other skins. But areas that are lacking in detail don’t see the light of day anyway, so who cares? And I spent a bit of time talking with the designer, and went away very happy with their customer service. I still wear my other skins when/if I feel like it (especially my LAQ), but I go back to my Adam&Eve, time and again. I’d even bought another skin from A&E, which is beautiful, but still not as much to my taste as my ‘Etta’ skin (I don’t know if that’s the actual name of the skin, but that’s what I call her πŸ™‚ – and I always go back to it.

    The short story:


    Have a beautiful weekend, ladies! πŸ˜‰

  19. Mairead Fitzgerald

    Lara Hurley Skins (most likely to wear more than any others)
    Al Vullo.. but ONLY Polly, I really like the overall tone of this in pale. I’d buy Polly 2 in sunkissed if she would fix the stomach seam. :/

    As for older skins.. it’s tough.. not many stand up to time, trends and my desires in a skin. That said I tend to keep skins that add a certain flavor to a look I like to achieve for one reason or another. I never throw skins away, but I do box them up. The only skins I keep alive in my inventory after 6 months is Lara Hurley Skins. I’ve been buying hers for 3 years now and skins from 3 years ago stay as fresh as the day I bought them.

  20. Alexxandra Sorbet

    Are you EVER going to tell where your lashes are from, Gogo? :< They are so good and I am always hunting for good lashes. But that's a rare find it seems.

  21. Ohna

    I have to agree with skins before pre windlight and also with Isabelle here too. I am still jealous of the people that can wear one skin for so long. I like all of the skins that I rotate with right now, including my own skins made by me. That changes though. I wish that I could stick to one skin but tone matters a lot to me.

  22. Aleida

    I too joined SL back in 2007 and didn’t change my skins much. The first skin I fell in love with is the Alina skin by Naughty Design (3rd place). I really loved the Jewel skin by LAQ (2nd place) and since I’m still stuck on the glow skins & LAQ’s cocao skins I’ve been wearing Tasha2 (1st place) for a very very very long time now. Have tried to switch to other skins, but I always find myself slipping back into Tasha2.

  23. Anahata

    talking about not wearing older skins, for those of us who have been on SL for a long time and have our favorite brands we kind of know when a skin line is older, but if you were new and just starting out and someone gave you a landmark with 10 skin places how would you ever know if a skin was old as long as it didn’t say ‘new release’ or ‘discounted’ below it?

    if i find a new store and check out skins it’s new to me i guess!

    top 3 are mynerva, atomic & mamboo chic.

    haven’t worn my dutch touch in a long time and oh god i still have ‘blondie’ by laq in my inventory but it’s so orange and weird looking now.

  24. Carina

    I started SL about 6 years ago. I went from random freebie to random freebie until I decided to get my avie professionally designed to look like RL me. I settled on Redgrave’s Moon in tan. It’s still one of my favorite skins and I return to it quite often. But the recent trend in SL for skins has been a simple soft beauty with LESS makeup so that customizing with tattoo makeups is easier. Thus, Redgrave tends to look over-done to me now. I’ve instead recently been enjoying Filthy and Curio. Curio especially if I’m looking for more of a 30’s look with a beautiful red lip.

    My other avie – which I use for medieval roleplaying – wore the lucky chair Exodi (Soleil) for a really long time. (So sad they’re closing). I didn’t want to finance two avies, but I finally broke down and bought her Redgrave’s Leona. Just as with my main avie though, her face eventually looked overdone and I recently switched to Izzie’s Cassandra. I just love this skin. It’s so real with all of the random beauty marks and comes with a ridiculous amount of shadow and lipstick options. I just wish more shoe designers had her RGB on their lists *sigh*

    For me, what sells a skin is the eyebrows. I want BLACK eyebrows. Full, face-framing, exotic eyebrows. I find so few skins that do that well and actually Redgrave doesn’t, which is another reason I switched.

    Either way, I love trying on different skins. Despite being happy with the ones I have, I chase down every freebie that’s out there. I can’t resist.

  25. pandora

    Anyone who has been around me for a while knows that there are 2 things i go absolutely bat sh*t crazy for…hair and skin. I am always on the hunt for skins that get the cursors pointing and people wondering what brand Im wearing, and now with tattoo layers, the possibilities are endless!

    Top 3 (for now)
    The Body Co| Orchid (all time fav)
    Redgrave| Trinity (those lips!)
    Dutch Touch| Esme (skin tones are lovely)

  26. Britta Balbozar

    I’ve used the same skin (Sienna – Opaline, by Curio) for my main, non-roleplaying avatar for a few years now. I know it’s a super-old skin, but I really like it and I think it suits my shape. I’ve tried on other skins and haven’t found anything I’d be willing to spend L$ on to replace it.

    My top three favourite skin brands? Hmm… I’ve only purchased from two – Curio, and DrLife. I’m pretty happy with the skins I’ve got from them. I also like Sacred Skins, which sells really nice skins for men, my fiancΓ©’s got two from there and they look really good. So yeah, that’s my three – Curio, DrLife, and Sacred Skins πŸ™‚

  27. Five Latte

    Well i have a little fashion blog so I see a lot of skins and my top faves are (And in no special order) Al Vulo, Filthy, IREN, Dekade, New Glam Affair Skin (Leah), New Dutch Touch (Esme), Mynerva, (love),Medley, Swallow Skins…list goes on and on and on lol I love a good skin and i have so many but that’s the fun part for me, changing my skin almost every day or so. I still feel like “me”.

    I have all my old skins in a folder labeled as such but i should just delete them… i am a skin hoarder and i know it lol

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