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Pose Fair 2012 opens at Noon SLT today! I flew around the Pose Fair North and South sim for a bit yesterday, and it is huge! You’ll probably have to visit several times to see all the new props & poses, and of course, demo them all!

My PS skill (or lack thereof) prevents me from doing really fancy editing, so when I saw these new pose props from Nuwiggles [click this link for a direct TP to Nuwiggles], I thought they were so clever, and just what I needed to enhance my blog photos. I especially love the Lookbook prop box, with changeable backgrounds and textures.


Nuwiggles – Paperplanes | Lookbook | Forever Alone

Be sure to visit Pose Fair 2012 for this and more!


While uploading my photos to Flickr today, I noticed that they have linked to Aviary, a new photo editing site that replaces Picnik. If you haven’t heard, Picnik is closing on April 19th! I tried to edit an image using the new Aviary features, and it was alright, not as complete as Picnik.

If you’re looking for some Picnik alternatives, check out:

I have an Aviary account from ages ago, but I don’t think it is as complete as Picnik was (so sad this is closing!). I’ll probably use Photoshop + PicMonkey and a combination of all these other programs for my blog photos after April 19th.

Do you know of any other online photo editing alternatives that should be included in this list?

What I’m Wearing:

LeLutka – Trend hair (Marilyn)
Jane – all clothes
G-Field – Flower Pumps “Eve” (Black, White)

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  1. Willis

    I am excited to see collages on Picmonkey! I emailed them and they said it should be coming reaallll soon! But I am going to take the time to try my PS skills out too! You can do it GOGO I BELIEVE IN YOU! 😛

  2. starved magic

    Pic monkey is the most like picnic. Very user friendly„my personal choice. Avery is like PS. I donor like Avery! I love takingpictures in AL. I have many poses. So this expo is right up my alley.

  3. Shuri

    I can’t use it because it’s to heavy for my laptop, but this side is great

  4. Liv Zerundi

    I am so sad Picnik is closing too. I think I use it everyday and I just love the simplicity of it.
    I tried Picmonkey today for the first time and it is a lot like picnik, so I will be using that. I’m not a big fan of PS or Gimp, but that might be because I never invested much time in learning that 😉

  5. Ponino Oh

    I’ve been using Picmonkey for almost 2 weeks now.. and I think it’s as friendly as Picnik, so I’ll keep using since my cute “pink coffemaker” (that’s how I call my laptop lol) doesn’t have such a great graphic card.. hopefully I still use ps and I’m not afraid of crashing after clicking SNAPSHOT button lmao..

  6. Eurydice Barzane

    Gah! I’d stupidly assumed Picnik was a simple cropping/colour enhancing/framing tool!

    I’ve been without PS since my last laptop blue screened (and I can’t find the disk). I’ve been using Gimp and with load of plugins and brushes, but having lost hundreds of my old brushes and effects I was becoming bored and disheartened.

    Sorry to hear Picnik is closing – I had a play with that program too and loved it – but PicMonkey is loads of fun and intuitive. Wonderful for close up shots. Been playing with it all day and I’d happily pay for the program.
    Bug thanks for this post and the links, Gogo!

  7. Eurydice Barzane

    Umm, that should have read BIG thanks. I should spellcheck before posting :/

  8. Santanna Surya

    Thank you so much for posting on alternatives to Picnik.

    I was a premium member, and used Picnik to make all my ads for my Marketplace store, so I was more than excited to see I can do basically everything I did before, to make my ads in PicMonkey. The only thing missing, is the font I use. I hope I can find my font elsewhere, and add my text in gimp or ps. What a relief!

    Thank you again…this helped me so much. 🙂

  9. mellyn llewellyn

    Picnic is now part of Picasa, isn’t it?

  10. Honey Bender

    Thank you so much for the photo editing info Gogo, I love the PicMonkey 😀 – and tysm for working so persistently and hard on your blog, it’s truly one of the most useful – and gorgeous blogs I read. <3

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