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One Bad Pixel

One Bad Pixel

Who are the two designers behind One Bad Pixel? If you’re good at guessing, check out the contest! You could win something amazing 🙂

I have guessed about a dozen names myself, and still not quite sure. I am not always good at guessing designer alts, but I loooove to guess!

I went to the opening party and the shop’s build has a Japanese tea house theme (I think) it’s very different from all the other modern or shabby chic builds that are popular now. I think you guys will like the store, it’s small but cosy, and has a room with stripping poles — not sure if that is a permanent fixture or just for the opening.

One Bad Pixel

There are lots of new items, but I had my eyes set on something very short and PINK! This BabyTux dress comes with matching mesh bra and briefs too.

One Bad Pixel party

@ the One Bad Pixel party. This is proof that I do leave my platform sometimes! Thanks to Sasy for being so persistent and making me go 😀

What I’m Wearing:

Wasabi Pills – Shiki Mesh Hair (Rye)
One Bad Pixel – BabyTux (BadPixel)
G-Field – Flower Pumps “Eve”
Donna Flora – Gabriela necklace (Black)

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  1. Starved MAGIC

    one of the designer is slink designer….but i don’t know who the other one is….

  2. Grazia

    I wish I could have attended! Babytux looks so cute on you!!

  3. Starved MAGIC

    and i think the other one is a designer that makes mood jewlery

    • Anahata

      i just saw on their plurk, one of the hints was that they have never made jewlery. heh.

  4. PrincessAndrea Usbourne

    sigh, I am completely in HEART with that BabyTux. Darn it, I’m on my way there now.

  5. Angela Kwak

    What I love about these mesh dresses is that you can remove and change colour of the Bows and straps with a hud.
    Nice Job on them who ever the designers may be I will return.

  6. Becca Ashbourne

    Oh that is just too adorable! I think I will need to go check it out.

    I just hope that if fits me, because I’m strongly opposed to changing myself to fit clothes.

  7. Luxy Sweet

    All of the stuff is so cute, but it doesn’t fit me. 🙁 Medium is too small, large is too big.

  8. Isabelle Requiem

    I know who one of them is but I have NO CLUE about the second. Its driving me crazy lol.
    Cute pics!

  9. anon

    malware detected on the Sasy pants website… :/

    • Sasy Scarborough

      That is all fixed now, so sorry that was happening :(, thank you for coming to hang out with us Gogo and lol the Stripper Poles were mine, just for giggles for the party ♥


  10. Anahata

    i wanted to get the kimono type dress but for some reason around the armholes there is this sort of black see through issue. is it me or has anyone else noticed this?

  11. Sherry

    Like the design and the detail but I really think this dress is short enough to be a top. That said, I’ve actually received comments about my avatar being dressed in something too revealing or too short – what is up with that??? Have some people gone insane about their avatars being real people?

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