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So much hair!

Exile, Truth

Top Row: Exile – Tonight Tonight | Truth – Auralee | Exile – Satisfaction
Bottom Row: Exile – Prelude | Truth – Helia

Exile and Truth released some fabulous hairstyles this week! I really wanted a Game of Thrones inspired hairstyle, and Exile released Prelude which I think looks just like Daenerys’s hair!

I couldn’t decide if I’m going back to Blonde or continue experimenting with Brown hair colors, so I wore both in today’s post! Hope you guys like this “Cocoa” Truth hair color.

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Please take my poll and let me know which hair color you like best on me!

What I’m Wearing:

BOOM – Everyday Tank (Snow)
Undefined Lilies – Bramble Ramble Necklace (Seagreen/s)

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  1. Sassy

    I personally love blondes so that got my vote, but I also love the pale brunette colours. I think the lighter colours suit you more.

  2. Oryx

    That Truth – Auralee hair looks really good on you – but I usually prefer either the blonde (best) or the unnatural colours (like pink especially) over the brunettes.

  3. Asia Romano

    I like the blondes on you too, but you seem to be able to make most colours work for you πŸ™‚

  4. Nikki

    In fact all hairs are best on you! =)

  5. Sally

    I think, in this post, the blonde doesn’t look as good as it use to. Probably because there’s the dark colour there too πŸ™‚ The blonde looks very.. pale? A bit lame. Though this dark brown is probably too dark for your skin colour.
    I think a lighter shade looks better on you and you totally rock the unnatural colours with your skins… I really wish my av did too! πŸ™

  6. Delilas

    I lived in truth Cocoa for ages, and it looks great on you.

  7. AngelaKwak

    My avatar used to be blonde but with the colour of my skin changing (darker) so did my hair color to brown.
    Darker hair needs a bit more skin colour. Personaly I don’t think you should wear a pale skin on a dark hair colour.
    I think you should keep the blonde look, not only because it looks good on you but also because its easyer to see the quality of the hair. It’s easy to hide flaws with dark colours. Blonde shows more detail in a picture.

  8. Iain Pinelli

    A great mixture of colours seems to work best for your outfits.

    Depending on whatever outfit you are wearing i’d say.
    Your brunette colours worked great with the dress from Torn in my opinion, but would have gone terribly wrong if you had used blonde hair.

    Keep up the mixture!

  9. Eurydice Barzane

    You look great in light blondes and the cocoa brown. You definitely rock the ‘my little pony’ pinks and greens etc, extremely well.
    I’d like to see you in a darker brown or even (brace yourself!) a soft black sometime.
    I think pale skin and dark hair can look incredibly lovely. If you can wear platinum you can wear black. It’s a rule that I just made up, but I think it holds true.
    You can get away with any colour so don’t limit yourself.

    (I wish you had an ‘all of the above’ option for voters! πŸ™‚

  10. Liv Zerundi

    I still think brown looks better on you, but I think this shade of brown is too dark. Why not go for a darker blonde or lighter brown?
    Or just keep switching colors, sometimes blonde looks better with an outfit and the other time brunette does.

    Btw, I really like the Exile hairs, but they all make my face look even more puffy when Truth hair always gives me a nice cheek. I was wondering if more people have certain hairbrands that don’t look that good on their shape?

  11. iReyn

    I have never seen you wearing Strawberry Blondes in ages. And also, I miss bubblegum weekends!

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