Faith Argentina

Donna Flora

This Faith Argentina gown from Donna Flora is one of the most stunning gowns I’ve seen in a long time! I use to buy gowns a lot, back when there were only flexi gowns to choose from, but since the introduction of sculpts, and now mesh, I favor casual clothing more. Still, I couldn’t help but  really want to wear this dress when I came across it on Donna Flora’s Flickr stream.

The gown, as seen here, is a gorgeous White, Blue & Gold color. I was surprised to see that it is not mesh, but just a sculpted attachment (without flexi). My friend asked me if I could take this gown out dancing, and I think not (it will not move fluidly) but of course, that doesn’t stop anyone on the grid!

Also, if you’re a fan of Donna Flora, there is a 70% off sale of some soon-to-be retired jewelry! Do check it out! Some of my favorite pieces are up on that wall! You won’t be able to purchase them once they’ve been retired.

What I’m Wearing:

Exile – Coy (Stefani)
Donna Flora – Faith Argetina gown
Donna Flora – MAE necklace & earrings
POSEUR – Get Happy (Goodtimez) Pose

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  1. Pure yum.

    Wish I had more purposes to wear such dresses… and that I wouldn’t drown in long skirts, but that’s my problem. 😉

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