It’s Grunge


What I love most about mesh, is being able to wear a nice shirt that’s only ONE prim! Before mesh, to wear a nice top with prim collar, body prim, sleeves, and cuffs, it took a lot of adjustments to get it just right.

I’m wearing the new My First Shirt from Monso, and pairing it with Miles Sneakers from Redgrave. These sneakers have a nice worn look to them, but only comes in a large (men’s) size. They’re scripted to re-size, so I made them a lot smaller, and re-positioned to fit my feet.


What I’m Wearing:

Elikatira – Never (Blonde 02)
Monso – My First Shirt (Grunge)
Mon Tissu – Denim 1929 Cigarette (Dark)
Boom – Everyday Tank (Slate)
Mon Tissu – Sophmore Satchel (Black)
Redgrave – Miles Sneakers (Dark)

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  1. I love stores that put you on their news subscribers without asking just because you bought a demo. A 1L demo, too.

      • Hi Chillily. It´s Dean from REDGRAVE. That group auto add feature you’ve mentioned was part of a new vendor system that we installed to simplify redeliveries and for the convenience of our customers.

        After reading your comment we reconsidered the way of handling group invites and will remove the auto add feature tomorrow from our system.

        Kind Regards Dean

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