This new Inspire Dress from Spright also inspired me to create a softer style today [direct SLurl to Spright at Culture Shock]. I am pairing it with the new Seahorse (Pearl Starfish) necklace from Maxi Gossamer. This necklace comes in several styles & length — I especially love the long Seahorse one, but I’m saving it for another outfit.


I love everything about this Spright dress, except that it’s invisible inside!!! If you guys don’t mind, it’s probably fine, but it can be super awkward in-world or in certain poses.

What I’m Wearing:

Truth – Mercedes w/Roots (Swedish)
Spright – Inspire Dress (Pink)
Maxi Gossamer – Seahorse (Pearl Starfish) necklace
Celoe – Xylia Pumps (Spicymix)

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  1. That dress is absolutely gorgous! i love summer dresses so i’ll definately be adding this to my collection.


  2. Just a quick note about this dress…I bought it in three colors and the textures all load reeeeallly slowly for me – but the notecard included with the dress tells how to speed it up by going into the texture edit menu, and it works like a charm! So if anyone else is having slow-rez issues, that should help! 🙂

    • That really is helpful! I just bought the dresses and the designer added a notecard that reads…
      There is an SL bug that causes textures on mesh to be blurry and sometimes takes forever to rez when the mesh was textured while being worn. To fix this:

      – Rez the item on the ground to allow the textures to rez.
      – Take the item back into your inventory and wear as you normally would.

      The reason I mention this is because I made the mistake of texturing the dresses while wearing them the first time. If you’re seeing this notecard in the package that you purchased, then you’re getting the dresses that I’ve re-textured the way they should have been done the first time. 🙂

      Also, this has helped textures rez for me with a lot of things in SL and thought I’d share for those who it might also help. (not sure if this helps with items set to “no mod”)

      – Go into edit mode (right click & choose edit on a regular prim)
      – Then click on the dress
      – Click on the texture tab under edit mode

  3. I agree I think you look fantastic, what type of back drop do you use in your photos? Makes your pictures look even better.

    • Just a plain White prim in SL (two of them, one for the back and one for the bottom).

      • Or sometimes you tint them! =) I never have understood all the photo studios and stuff some of which are thousands of dollars. I use the same thing and have since 2006. I have used expensive studios and have always gone back to my own simple and easy prims. I also use a freebie pose stand from 2006 too, lol. I am considering upgrading on that cause it would be nice to have a HUD and click through poses without having to move my camera angle, any suggestions? (Not a whole studio, a reasonably priced simple pose stand that has a HUD and not only arrows or something else ON the stand to change poses.)

        • Hey Kirsten, I use Insanya’s Modeling Pose Stand, it is free to group members and comes with tons of options, such as a menu that lets you click through poses and you can also just drag and drop any pose into the stand that you want.

          Some other useful options it has for photography are that it can be made invisible, it can hide the hover text, and you can change your position, all through the menu. Plus, it’s fully modifiable! I love it.

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