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Giselle, Glam Affair

Glam Affair

My last skin review (Leah, Glam Affair) got a lot of interesting comments, so I will try to do a better review this time, and thanks to all the helpful suggestions, I am even trying a new Windlight setting.

This latest skin from Glam Affair is Giselle, and I think a lot of positive changes were made with this skin. First, I noticed right away that the Blonde brows have a lil’ more color to it, closer to what I would normally wear. I also like that the skin is a bit smoother on the face (with less visible pores), but I noticed that there are a lot more random beauty marks placed on the face, along with freckles. I’m a fan of a random beauty mark now and then, but not when it is permanently on the skin (and not on a tattoo layer that can be removed). One of my biggest turn off with this skin, even though I like the face a lot (it’s adorable), is that the highlight seems to be very strong, making the forehead seem White! Although the face is no longer gray, the body of the skin still is gray (to me anyway, although a lot of you guys commented on my last post and said you don’t see gray).

I also noticed the face/body color mismatch problem is most noticeable when zoomed out, on full body photos. Most of my skin reviews shows torso and up, but one of the comments I received last time from a reader, said she wanted me to do more body photos, so here you go! I’m not naked though, but if you want to see the bits, try it on your avatar so you can zoom in super close and check it all out.

Glam Affair

(click here to view the full-size image)

I love reviewing skins, but when the review is less than glowing, I feel a lil’ uncomfortable. I want to review to make people happy, not mad at me! But if I couldn’t review skins my way, I would not do them at all. This is why I haven’t reviewed many this year, but a lot of friends encouraged me to keep going.

What I like to do is add tattoo layers to my face to add blush or in this case, I used a highlight layer that’s tintable, to make the highlight LESS bright, then added  blush. The images are labeled, so you can see the difference that tattoo layers can make! I personally would wear this skin with all the tats on it — cos it looks better.

For this post, I used Strawberry Singh’s StrawberrySinghDotComCloseUps Windlight setting, just to make sure people do not think that my Windlight setting is “bad” or somehow making the skin look worse. You can download Strawberry’s WL setting on her page, along with a couple of others.

Hope you guys enjoy the review, visit Glam Affair to check out Giselle!

If you have any more suggestions, leave me some comments and I will work it into my next post.

What I’m Wearing:

Lamb – Boyfriend (Powder)
Glam Affair – Giselle (Natural BL Clean)
Zaara – Chanchal (Nude)
cheLLe – Everyday Blush 3

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  1. Savannah

    To me it doesn’t look so much grey, more like a dull brown. Definitely not the same color as the face, though. No healthy pink glow from the neck down. I’m not sure the skin base is even the same color.

    The face is really cute, though. And I personally love the beauty marks.

  2. Grace O'Malley

    Honestly, I really like your skin reviews, you speak your mind but not in a rude way, you always seem respectful to me, not sure why people would get mad at you. I agree the skin is a little bit gray, particularly the inner legs and the knees… but the face looks gorgeous. *-*

  3. MissKitty Fairlady

    I rely on you to tell us how you completely feel. I probably wouldn’t notice some things about different skins if you hadn’t pointed them out. And your opinion doesn’t stop me from trying them, just helps me to see what to look for. So thank you!
    I see grey, or at least a different color for the face and body. To me it’s really noticeable. Just like the body doesn’t have as much tone as the face or something.

  4. Marianne Little

    WTF? The difference between face and body skin tone is so noticeable! It looks like 2 different skins. The face is supercute though, but…

  5. Angel Tzara

    I will say that I read your blog from time to time Gogo, as we seem to have “similar” likes on a number of things.
    I saw what happened on your last review of Leah and the drama that went with it. I personally loved Leah as well as all the Glam affair skins released since Layla last year. You have always given your honest opinion good or bad and that is your right to do so on your site.

    In my opinion, I think it really comes down to personal taste and oddly enough to computers. I never noticed any greyness. Unless it is maybe done on one of those super limited edition ultra-editorial skins released for special events (Ex: the last Contessa) I remember saying on my little blog that I wish they were slightly more “pink” infused in them. I always feel that the make ups are simply stunning and I will admit that I really do not worry about the body (But then that is just me).

    I love how you showed the different windlight settings, and I commend you for it. I noticed in my experience that windlight settings even tho the “values” are the same, they render differently from viewer to viewer and from computer to computer. I can tell you that on my computer (iMac) with the same setting, I see the “colors” come out differently from LL viewer to Firestorm.

    Aida and Mari are some of the hardest working creators in SL, and just based on that they have all my praise, god knows their style suits me perfectly when I decide to go glammed up.
    At the end of the day, trying out a demo and judging for ourself doesn’t cost anything, even though your analysis is quite thorough.

  6. Kirsten Corleone

    Yes, people said they did not see gray, but from what I remember more people said they did or at least an equal showing. I still see gray. This whole body/ face difference is not only with Glam Affair though. I see that when I try on Laq skins too.
    Your skin reviews are spot on.

  7. etoile

    wow. I read that ‘discussion’ under your Leah link, and am not even sure what it was all about. Nothing worse than drama that is impossible to sort out.

  8. Moon

    Where I come from, that skin tone would be called after the fruit lansium domesticum because most of us have that yellow-green-brown colour skin:) I really appreciate your honesty in reviewing skins and other products. If I really like it, I’d still go and check them out and see for myself. I’ll go check this skin out and see if it would look asian on me.

  9. Libby Farleigh

    As a self acknowledged skin whore I wanted to try this out.

    I agree with every point Gogo made really. The tone of the skin, especially from the neck down, is way too desaturated, it makes poor Gogo look like she’s about to collapse from blood loss or anaemia or something and it wasn’t any better on me, no matter what windlight setting I used.

    There is a huge colour discrepancy between the face and the rest of the body, it reminds me of LAQ a couple of years ago, before the Glow range came out. Also, yep, that forehead is waaay over highlighted but it does look passable with a kind of flushed tattoo layer I have from The Kid Store.

    I found the nose to look bulbous, even with messing about with my sliders, but that is a personal preference thing I’m sure, and, for me, the face just has a flat quality I find really unappealing, but I feel the same way about Lelutka’s skin (I know, blasphemy!) so that might be me.

    More positive elements are the freckles, which are subtle and very cute, and the lips, which are top notch, as they usually are from Glam Affair. I agree that the moles/beauty marks need to be on a separate tattoo layer, but they are a nice touch.

    All in all, I am sure this skin will appeal to GA’s core fanbase, but, for me, it just doesn’t stand up next to League, LAQ, Pink Fuel and the like.

    Oh, btw, to the people who say ‘oh well, they doesn’t use any templates!’ as if that is some kind of excuse for mediocrity, as a consumer, I would rather a creator used a hundred templates and created something I really loved, than use none and create a ‘unique’ but less appealing product. No templates does not equal a better product and it’s time we got out of the elitist mindset that it does.

  10. chillilly

    Can’t help it, I’m stuck staring at the odd greenish tint on the hair which is present in every pic except for the last one with your usual lightning. And I also think that your lightning preset adds more depth to the face and it casts nicer shadows, compared to… umm, no shadow casting at all. With your usual setting, the face and neck tones also blend in more nicely, though you can still see the much different tone. I have yet to see and try a skin where the different tones actually look appealing to me. I know, RL and such, body and face tend to have different tones and so on, but either it doesn’t translate well into pixels or it’s just too much of a different shade.

    Now I bet there’ll be someone who manages to see this as bashing Strawberry Singh and/or her windlight presets, for whatever weird reason. Just because someone will always find a reason to go mad, thinking they stumbled across a hidden insult or attack in a random statement, simply because they want to.

  11. dawnde lane

    i prefer your windlight settings and would love a download! if possible (cheeky i know).

    the face and body are two different colours, making your head look tiny in line with your body
    i dont like it im afraid, though i may try a demo on and see for my self.

  12. Delilas

    Really, I like your normal setting. Your hair has a greenish cast to it in the other windlight settings.

    The difference between the body and face is remarkable. I can often get away with a poorly done body, because I don’t generally show a whole hell of a lot, but it also means the skin has to be cheap, and since this is around the same price as a nicely done skin with a match face+body, then I won’t be buying it.

  13. Toto

    LOL @ “My last skin review got a lot of interesting comments”
    I just read up on it and it was not ‘a bad skin review’ but ‘the Bunny Brickworks hillbilly family rolled through town.’ I could link you to endless blog, plurk and flickr spreads with always the same pathology. Takuya or Takuma (the one with the m) leave a passive aggressive comment, then they get trashed, then they call in Mommy Bunny to back them up, then they roll out the same lame arguments over and over and over again until everyone just leaves enervated. It’s like an endless deja vu on loop. “I might be an asshole, but (…)” YES, WE ALL KNOW YOU ARE!!!!

    • Takuya Kawashima

      Grow a spine, a pair of balls or whatever is needed to not come across like a chicken clinging to some drama the ‘hillbilly family’ is probably still laughing about. Seriously… anon comments are so passé.

      The asshole who admits to be one and needn't hide behind a fake identity

      • Grey

        Seriously. You’re embarrassing yourself. I really dislike commenting on blogs, but in this case I couldn’t help it anymore. I’m getting second-hand embarrassment from you — that’s how bad it is. You and your ‘Bunny’ friend are serious hillbillies and annoying to boot. If you don’t want to come off like a bunch of morons, stop trolling Juicy’s blog and leave everyone alone.

        The fact that you’re still stalking this entry like a creep tells me that you’re the “chicken clinging to some drama”.

        • Takuya Kawashima

          When will you people realize that you can only bring your point across with a tiny bit of street cred when you don’t do it anonymously? Are you so concerned about your cherished internet reputation that you need to resort to anon commenting to insult people? So much about second-hand embarrassment… *facepalms*

        • Bunny Brickworks

          *sighs* This is the second time my name gets mentioned in this thread and I didn’t even bother to comment here before. What is wrong with you, people? Just let go, it will make you feel so much better. <3


          hillbilly |ˈhilˌbilē|
          noun ( pl. -lies)
          1 informal chiefly derogatory an unsophisticated country person, associated originally with the remote regions of the Appalachians.

          Neither unsophisticated nor country… F for Fail!

  14. The Blogging Elf

    My usual problem with Glam Affair is that…

    1. the tones seem a bit dull (much like LAQ has terribly orange tones and Pink Fuel being kind of orangey/yellowish GA seems to have greyish ones)

    2. the stomach part looks sort of unrealistic. It doesn’t look simply….doesn’t look like the stomach of any woman I have seen in rl, and I go to teh gym quite often. :>

    Also, much like with Al Vulo skins, I was sad to see the facial skintones being so mismatched to the tone of the rest of the body. It looks like the wrong tone of powder was applied.

    Also, agreed on the light settings. Greenish hair is not pretty. Though an overly reddish face (your own setting) isn’t either. :/

    • Gogo

      My setting isn’t quite so Reddish, when I am using it with Pink Fuel skin (I use this WL setting most often) — but I also tend to adjust WL for specific skins as well. I just wanted to show a difference between Strawberry’s WL and mine, and even though they’re totally different, the color mismatch is noticeable in both.

  15. Is

    I haven’t tried this one yet myself but I agree with you on a lot of what you said about it. The forehead does seem a bit white but I don’t see a color mismatch issue. All Glam Affair skins seem a little gray compared to most others so that doesn’t bother me because they’re all so different anyway. That being said, Giselle looks great on you ^_^

  16. Sally

    OT: Your head looks sooo tiny here. Usually it doesn’t but.. on the body pics the head is almost the same size as ONE boob! 🙂

    • Gogo

      LOL! It might be the hair, I don’t really wear Lamb hair much.

      • Anahata

        maybe it’s the style. because i noticed that too. weird!

        the color of the body is so different, your head looks pasted onto it. monitor settings will not be THAT picky.

        cute face though!

  17. Tracy Redangel

    I tried on Leah just last night. I agree, the color is much more muted than what I’m used. I primarily wear LAQ skins in Milky, so the tone is VERY different, it’s more saturated with peachy/gold tones (which I like) I don’t think it’s a negative mark towards the Glam Affair, because the tones are pretty, they’re just different. I have to say, I DO have a bit of a pet peeve with some skin makers because they don’t offer a red eyebrow/hairbase option, or at least sell them as separate tattoo layers to buy.

  18. LovinLife92

    I myself love your reviews, they express honesty. It’s a shame some people don’t respect others opinions.

    I also love your windlight the most. The pink feeling is just much more natural to me than the others. Even though I use Strawberrysingh’s windset too.

  19. Floating

    Had to demo this skin after seeing your review, and I see the same as you. The darkest tone has improved, but I have to agree about the body not seeming to match the face. This kind of thing reminds me of Laq Mini skin. Anyone remember, it had a very different face, but the regular body style? I have to agree on liking your regular setting more.

  20. Elle Couerblanc

    I like this skin much better than the previous glam affair skin you reviewed. The face is much more attractive and the skin tone on the face is much more appealing. I missed out on commenting on the previous skin, was busy in RL, but the pores on that one were way too large. Honestly pores like that are normally seen on skins with acneic conditions. Small, normal looking pores are fine but after looking at Strawberry’s closeup, I still contend that skin needs some work.

    This one though is really cute and I would probably go demo. But the mismatched tone of the body might be an issue.

  21. Rap Terr

    I cannot find the skin to demo. Is it not released yet, or am I just blind as a bat? The face is really adorable and I would like to demo it!

    On another note… I see the grey tone – especially near the arms and legs. I’m not really a fan of the wrinkles on the “ribs” it looks like gills. I also don’t like how defined the neck is.

  22. Sakura

    It’s amazing how, when designers such as GA are reviewed in the typical JuicyBomb style, all the haters get a score. Weeeh! Let’s destory ‘da b***h!
    They are not considering you eligible to be one of their bloggers perhaps? It hurts? Good, you can vent in here with your incredible opinions!
    If I were a designer I would never let review my work to bloggers not able to see the difference between an original work and a flat, boring, “mass sheeped” one. I’d appreciate constructive opinions but not pure poison just because.
    At “it just doesn’t stand up next to League, LAQ, Pink Fuel and the like” I LOL’d hard. Really, really hard.
    Second Life is an amazing place. Gives opportunity to mediocre observers to babble when they should shut their mouths…
    Viel Spaß!

    • Tracy Redangel

      Wow. I didn’t read anything in GoGo’s review that you could have miscontrued as trashing the designer. She uses fair language and merely presents her opinion. She does not, nor has she ever claimed to be an authority on SL fashion. If you have some personal dislike of a particular blogger, the simple answer is to not read their blog. Either way, there are many who enjoy reading JuicyBomb.

    • Libby Farleigh

      Your reasoning is just so flawed. It’s like saying a lasagne made with home made pasta sheets is automatically tastier than one made with store bought pasta sheets. It’s just not the case.

      If you think anything said here has been ‘pure poison’ I’d worry about you reading a blog that actually veered away from facts and fair comments, which is all that’s been shared here. When you give a blogger something to review you open that product to criticism and feedback, and not all of that feedback is going to be all good, all of the time. Gogo’s review of this skin was balanced, there were elements she liked, and elements she didn’t. Noone has trashed the skin, people have just given opinions. If you have a different one then sharing that would be more constructive, as opposed to the blinkered and irrelevant defense of the creator.

  23. Sherry

    Hey Gogo,

    I do not think you should have gone out of your way to appease some of your commentators, especially when those that visit your website obviously like your style and content. Wearing a cute simple top and jeans is class in the real world. Whilst more elements and accessories used in styling is a bigger challenge to “get right” (and is more appreciated by some audiences), you have your own color and shade of blogging and simple writing style that still appeals to readers of all classes. I don’t think this post was necessary with the exception of showing off the body – which indeed was a lovely and comprehensive way of showcasing a skin that you really shouldn’t change. Your windlight settings, my windlight settings, etc don’t really count – it’s your opinion. When do opinions need validation or proof??

    Keep it up. Your blog’s success should be the main indicator as to whether or not you need to revisit your blogging style or your fashion style.

    Good luck to you and a lot of bloggers, content creators, and shoppers in SL, that constantly seem to receive aggressive criticism from others. Most of all, good luck to those that criticize endlessly without adding any advice or value to their comments.

  24. Lyre Dunia

    I do not understand why Gogo is being attacked by haters. If you do not like what she is writing, then do not visit her blog. It’s her blog and her opinion. She is free to comment on anything the way she likes. The fact that she does not try to please the content creators in SL, doesn’t make her a bad blogger or anything like that. She is doing this for fun and all those haters should do the same. Wake up! Do not take Second Life so seriously. People should be open to negative criticism too.

    Once again… If you do not like what’s written here, then just close the window of this blog.

  25. Julia Dionne

    Frankly, I wouldn’t trust a reviewer who only had positive things to say about the subject under review. As a customer, I like to know the pros and cons of the item. As a creator, I’d appreciate knowing what could use improvement.

    Having been around since Nomine was the only ‘decent’ game in town as far as skins were concerned, I enjoy the variety we have these days. But to keep people creating the best that they can, honesty is needed…and sometimes it is not always pretty.

    I happened to buy a make-up of Giselle and like it very much, but I can see Gogo’s point on a few things she mentioned. I also have to admit that being olive-complected, the brown base used on GA skins is closer to my own skin tone, than the pink-based skins like Belleza and some others.

    Keep on telling it as you see it and just suck up the grief. 🙂 Keeps creators on their toes.

  26. Sakura

    I was NOT talking about Gogo but of you fellows.
    Gogo does her part and I follow her because I Like her points of view even if I don’t share some of her idea (like never pointing out the same issue of face/body different tones in LAQ skins or other stuff. She loves some creators and can’t be a impartial judge such she is with those she doesn’t love, but it doesn’t make me stop reading her blog).
    I was pointing my finger to you other people that on your own blog don’t have the balls to shout your opinion but you are ready to spit the poison in here, making yourself strong behind her back.
    And yes, if I were a creator I would send my item to Gogo but not to you coward haters. She has my respect, not you.
    That’s all.

    • Anahata

      the most hateful ‘poison’ spit i’ve seen on this post is from you towards other people.

      no one is trying to destroy ‘da b***h’. no one is a hater here. these are people with valid opinions based on a skin, not on gossip or something personal towards someone.

    • Lyre Dunia

      In your previous comment it is not clearly enough that you were talking about the readers of the blog. It seemed like you are talking about Gogo. In both cases, it doesn’t matter, the people who blog and those people who read them are free to express their opinions and we all have to respect. I think you are the only one who shouts out their hate here. I really don’t know why. What have those people done to you?

      I really don’t understand why every “objective” review of Gogo becomes a nest for an endless drama. She’s not doing this to create hate and shouting. We should all let her have fun and stop “poisoning” her blog.

  27. Leilani A

    that grey body looks really gross :/
    I used to wear Glam a lot early last year. I found the lips and eyes really pretty. After a while all the diff Glam skins started looking the same. I really dislike the collar bone shading. It is so harsh.

    I like that Gogo is honest and have been reading her blog since…2008? I wouldn’t want her to change being opinionated.

  28. Nimil

    i do love glam affair skins, but i have noticed the same thing you mentioned here about the body not matching the face. the last skin i purchased from them had the same issue (which i think is the one you reviewed previously, leah?), and while its not really stopping me from wearing the skin, i do wish that the tone was a bit more evenly matched. i don’t notice it as much when i’m wearing clothes, but if i get down to my skivvies it is definitely noticeable.

  29. Addison

    The face is adorable, one of the nicer ones I’ve seen from GA. But yeah, when you look at the skin as a whole, the face is a totally different color from the body. It’s like the head and body came from two different designs…and it’s awful looking. I’ve always thought the GA skins look dusty, or “grey”. Like some of the color has been sucked out, or it’s covered in a layer of dust. IRL, I would say the person looks sick. This new skin, the face looks healthy and cute, the body looks like it’s dying.

    But, it’s all a matter of opinion. Just because I don’t like it, doesn’t mean other people shouldn’t. I will never buy a GA skin, but obviously many others do. And that’s good. I don’t want to look like everyone else out there in SL. My preference is youthful and innocent. And there are alot of skin designers that do it well. I don’t think GA does, so I don’t shop there.

    I appreciate that GoGo is as honest as she is. Most bloggers I’ve read are not. They are more concerned about writing a favorable review, because they’re afraid to piss off the designer and the designers followers. They may not get anymore review copies, or get harassed, like in GoGo’s previous GA review. I wouldn’t have GoGo do her blog any other way.

    To all the haters….if you don’t like GoGo’s blog, don’t think she’s high class, or that she’s only a RahRah pompom shaker style of dresser….why are you here reading her blog? The only reason I can come up with is your a trouble maker and troller, and that is really sad.

  30. Wow

    I agree that Gogo’s review was very well done.

    After seeing both the Leah review, and Giselle, I tried on the skin and fell in love with it.

    At the end of the day everything comes down to personal preference. If a designer has demo’s, and the people use it, like it and buy their item, they obviously did something right.

    I don’t see anything wrong with this skin, other than what a person’s preferences are. I don’t see any mistakes, or bluntly put out their tears or rips in the seams. At the end of the day, preference and your opinions on it cause all the drama.

    Let a pretty skin be a pretty skin. If it never sells, then well…that is a time to think on why. But if it does, then just chalk it up to another product in secondlife.

  31. Delirium


    When you look the full body photo, you see a grey body and “pinkish” face. They don’t match!
    I don’t like the bones in the neck either, they are too strong, don’t like them. And yes, the forehead looks really white, kindda plastic effect. I don’t like the ribs too, they look like gills O.O Oh, and your head looks so tiny in comparison with the whole body D:

    Face is really pretty, but I still prefer Leah (niceee, be going saving some lindens now!)

  32. lola Ghost

    I love Glam skin, I think the detail is amazing. I have two of their skins, but the color is really grey or in my viewer more silver. I can’t wear my skins, as I can’t get my shoe skin to fit. I IM’ed them for the color numbers and even after receiving it, it doesn’t seem to fit. Too much trouble and too difficult really.

  33. Holly

    I love the faces on the glam skins and own a couple, but I never wear them for more than couple of hours at a time because of the greyness of the bodies and I am so glad it’s not just me noticing it!

  34. Yoko

    You know, this blog gets so many hits that any publicity is good publicity. Gogo obviously has haters, but for every person she may turn off to 1 skin in a designer’s entire line, that’s one person that will probably support the brand harder out of spite. I don’t think it’s going to hurt anything for her to speak her mind.

    My opinion is, this skin changes tones a lot. If you are out in the sun, you will see a lot of different skin tones on 1 human body. We don’t have windlight and face lights (ugh) in real life. I also find the saturation a little low for skin, BUT fact is, some people are into that and Gogo isn’t. No biggie.

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