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Gogo’s new Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball

I’ve been updating less frequently this week cos I’ve been super busy, and also, my old mouse was giving me major hand cramps! It was small and uncomfortable, so I splurged on a new Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball mouse! This is my first mouse with a trackball, so I’m still getting use to it, but so far I really like the larger size, it’s so comfortable and the design is so sleek!

I’ve recently set up an Amazon affiliate shop page, so if you guys want to read more about the Logitech mouse or purchase one for yourself, please support my site by purchasing from the link below! Thank you! <3

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  1. Savannah

    I bought this one last winter because I was having the same hand cramp problems. I had a hard time getting used to this for detailed computer work (SL building, Photoshopping), but it was a lifesaver for general browsing and meandering through Second Life. I eventually moved to a much bigger mouse that feels perfect in my hand — also a Logitech, the Marathon Mouse M705. I haven’t had any cramping yet.

    Please keep us updated on how well your trackball works for you once you get used to it.

    • Gogo

      Ohhhhhh is this much bigger than the M570? It looks lovely!

  2. Starved MAGIC

    i ordered it….i needed a new mouse…and since i recently had carpel tunnel surgery on both my hands. i appriciate your endorsements….

    • Gogo

      yay! I hope you like it too! I’ve found that since I have a larger surface to rest my hand, and less motion with my wrist, my hand feels a lot better.

  3. Vianne

    I’ve had logitech mice and keyboards for 10 consistent years, only changing to update, not coz they break (as opposed to their headsets which are rubbish and madly over priced, having gone through 6 of them in 2 years.) BUT I currently have a M705 mouse which came with the MK710 keyboard. And woo I love it!
    No trackball, but has the loveliest back and forward button on the side where your thumb sits so you can tab forward and backward between pages on the net.
    And a button where the middle thumb knuckle sits so you can view all the pages/programs you have open easily.
    Love me some swanky computer accessories!

  4. Yoko

    AHAHAH! I always knew you had balls! Or.. well.. at least 1?

  5. Yoko

    Oh yeah, I can’t use a trackball, but I bought this Logitech Marathon Mouse. It’s battery has lasted since July of last year and it’s precise enough that sometimes when I’m too lazy to pick up my graphics tablet pen (It happens.) I just use it and do fine.

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