Help me! I’ve been Cubed by this adorable new pose prop from Glitterati. This is a mesh cube, scripted to texture change 9 different colors and 10 poses. I stretched the box to fit me, cos I think I am a lil’ bit too tall for the original cube size.


I won’t be taking off this My Bunny Band from monso any time soon! The one I am wearing is available for free (on the lucky board) at Bombi.


My Bag, from monso – Bamboo | Fish | Crane | Ggomsu

These bags are mesh, but they’re not scripted with any poses. They’re quite adorable though, and you’ll be able to attach them to your hand and wear with your own poses. Find them at Bombi, too.

What I’m Wearing:

Exile – London Rain (Vanilla)
One Bad Pixel – Babytux (Pink)
Monso – My Bunny Band (Sackdong)
G-Field – Flower Pumps “Eve”

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