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Mayfly Eyes, Liquid Light

Mayfly Eyes

Back when mesh eyes were new to the grid, I blogged the Mayfly (Deep Sky Eyes) mesh eyes, and they still remain one of my favorite mesh eyes. The textures from Mayfly are so realistic and the eyes comes with four different Whites choices, is scripted to re-size and also includes the texture eyes, if some days you want to wear those instead of mesh!

Mayfly Eyes

These new Liquid Light series eyes from Mayfly have a slightly larger pupil and softer reflections than the previous Deep Sky Eyes series. I just love the new reflections, they look even more realistic than before.

If you like these, visit Mayfly to try a demo and check out all the other colors (there are tons more!).

I also wanted to quickly mention that this new hair I’m wearing is Clawtooth’s first mesh hair! While the Blonde texture is not that great, I think the style is so adorable. I definitely will keep my eye on Clawtooth hair, especially cos this mesh hair fits so well.

What I’m Wearing:

Clawtooth – Glamazon (Salty)
Celoe – Jet Sweater (Blue/Madison)

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  1. Deckland McCullough

    For Clawtooth’s first mesh hair, this is pretty nice. Very interested in any future mesh endeavors from Clawtooth.

    And, gah, these eyes are so detailed and gorgeous!

  2. Libby Farleigh

    Discovered Mayfly eyes recently and they’re my current fave, the only thing that bugs me about them is for some reason the iris always seem to be half hidden under my eyelid, they’re so pretty it feels a waste as walking round only the bottom half of them is visible. I’ve started using my auto eye focus hud just so I can force the eyes to look forwards and so the whole iris is visible. This is an issue with all SL eyes but it seems worse with Mayfly for some reason.

    Clawtooth have been going for years but their styles were always too rigid looking for me. They don’t make much use of flexi strands to soften the look. Now with mesh hair being more popular, which by it’s nature is quite solid looking, I’m sure they’ll be more in their element. My favourite mesh styles are those that combine mesh with flexi prims to create a natural looking style. I don’t like wearing hair that looks like I’m walking around with a plastic wig on lol.

    BTW, talking of hair, has anyone else noticed Truth’s styles are getting bigger and more bouffant-y with each new release?! Thank the SL gods for Elika, otherwise my picky ass would be walking round bald.

  3. Roxi Bluewood

    @ Libby: When I was noob I liked so much truth, but now I don`t like it anymore, the colors are always the same, styles very similar, and doesn`t say anything to me. I like very much elikatira and lamb, but also Exile has impressed me with this new hair available at culture shock.

  4. Sorcha Irelund

    Hey, GoGo.

    I totally agree with you on the color… it’s so upsetting when the actual design is fabulous but the color or texture is off. Ugh! Frustrating much! You still look fantastic. I loved your Pay-It-Forward.


  5. Lourdes

    At least she has blonde. I’m still waiting on black. lol

  6. Profane Littlething

    Stunning eyes!

  7. Morgana Hilra

    i went to clawtooth and could not find the hair, i also did an area search and still could not find it.. did she remove it?

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