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Why is JuicyBomb one of the most popular & widely read Second Life blogs?

Why is JuicyBomb one of the most popular & widely read Second Life blogs?

It’s not because of drama.

One of the recurring claims about JuicyBomb is that Gogo courts controversy in order to build traffic on her blog. It’s a meaningless, fact-free cliche that is repeated and repeated because it makes people feel better for having a smaller readership than she does. It says, my readership may be smaller, but I am a better person. It’s also not true.

Thank you Cajsa for this wonderful post about my blog! If you guys want to read the entire post, check it out on Shopping Cart Disco.

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    for my Gogo is an avi admired and “study” I read your blog, but I say “study” your avi, and never ceases to amaze, his style, his class, his proposals … is a reference in second life for me 🙂

  2. Leilani A

    I’ve been a reader since the beginning 2008 or so. Some of the main reasons this has remained my #1 blog is: really great quality photos, honest reviews, updates on new skins and fashion and informing us about new products/changes in SL. I also love that blog posts aren’t very wordy.

  3. Karola Silversmith

    I follow your blog since a long, long time! 🙂 I only wish you could blog more stuff from other brands as there is so much more than the few you favour. That would be nice.

    • Ziki Questi

      I agree, Karola, it’s a great blog. In defense of Gogo’s covering only a select number of brands or styles: Once when I saw a skin that I thought was interesting, I mentioned it to Gogo, and she replied, “Then you should blog about it.” … which made me laugh, because it was a good point. She can’t cover everything, knows what she likes, and her focus on a limited gamut of fashion is part of what makes her blog a success. 🙂

  4. Salem Loxely

    I’ve never posted here before but I thought I’d put my two cents in. I want to say that I read your blog every day, not just once either, I come back to see if you’ve posted anything new. Your blog is the FIRST on my bookmarks. Reason being is not because of drama, its because your blog is one of the best imo! Your pictures are crisp, bright, and shows honest detail. You do not Photoshop your pictures to death. You give awesome reviews in which I read to make sure I am buying quality goods. I love the fact that you have what your wearing listed on the same page as your photo and I don’t have to click another link to see what you have on! I think your doing a great job, I’m a continuous reader, and besides most of us like to read a little drama here and there lol.

    • smash drezlean

      I agree with everything you said, but besides that… the reason i keep coming back to juicy is a taste-level in line with what I like. There wont be miles of butt-crack, crotch tattoos, and typical hooch-wear (not that that’s BAD, its not, it’s extremely popular among most of SL’s female population – just not what I want). I know that when I come to Gogo’s blog, I’m going to see things I want to wear – and that when I do buy them I probably won’t be disappointed with them because if there are mis-matched seams, fuzzy textures, or a faulty HUD, she’s going to warn me/you/the readers before hand.

  5. Charolotte Caxton

    Since discovering JuicyBomb I have been a big fan. This blog has benefited my Second Life experience immensely. Your photos and fashion choices inspire me. The tutorials are easy to understand and really helpful in my passion of taking inworld photos.

    I love seeing how you put colors together and your uncluttered presentation. Your brief videos are inspiring as well. I enjoy being unique, but having a guide and example such as yourself is really really cool.

    Thanks for all you do.

  6. Allaine Lavendel

    I don’t remember how nor when I started reading your blog. probably since I first bought one of my first shapes. Since then I have attached th rss to my igoogle homesite so I don’t miss any of the new posts. I simply think you show a lot of beautiful stuff we can find in SL that we would miss (there is sooo many) and you do it in an honest and fun way, proper to the regular user instead of being an unreachable person (no, I am not saying that bloggers are, but I am sure there will be people you feel not “close”). So I don’t know what your reasons are, but never felt like I am being used to raise numbers, I feel it nonsense. Oh and if it was that, just know I love to share posts with friends to show them stuff, so in any case I think mostly your blog does add to the SL economy which I doubt you have any benefit from it. Keep doing as you do, cause you would be missed if you were not doing this. just saying.

  7. miraje04 Miami

    Gogo’s Blog is the only reason I ever started to blog about my second life. She is truly an inspiration and to me this blog is almost the only point of reference when it comes to fashion and what stuff is worth to be bought, cause she knows about it even before they are released!! So, this is how I can keep up and be en vogue all the time.
    Thank you so so much!

  8. Kirsten Corleone

    Well said Casja! I have heard things like “I don’t read Gogo,” after recommending it to someone who asks for a good SL blog- something I do often (not that this blog needs it) =). The person I was referring the blog to did not say it, but other bloggers. My response has always been, “I read everyone!” I do read a LOT of blogs, but this one remains my favorite. I read through the list of reasons Casja supplied and I bet some of those might be why, but I don’t know if I ever thought that hard about why I love this blog. I think Gogo is beautiful in every way that matters to me, and so I visit juicybomb daily.

  9. Vianne

    Meh, you get my traffic for the fashion, for the new places to blog, for the updates of items I didn’t even notice had been released.
    I skim over the ‘drama’ posts (which percentage wise are very few) because they’re not relevant to me.
    Just as I skim over the skin review posts or at least look only at the other items shown in those posts.

    Even *if* you courted drama for attention (no, I don’t think/care if you do), simple fact is that *many* of your readers don’t give two hoots about that.

  10. Starved MAGIC

    your blog is the first one i read…most of the stuff that you feature…i do end up buying….i have a heavier shape than you…so i have modified a mesh shape that i use when i wear mediums in mesh…so there are alot of stuff that you wear that does not look good on my avitar..and that is ok…i find your blog very professional, always done in good taste.

    that is all i have to say…keep on keepin on…the hell with the DRAMA…

  11. Yoko

    With success comes fun little accusations. It’s not drama that fuels juicybomb, though if you get a negative critique from Gogo and your fans see it it might as well be someone praising you because your store is going to get absolutely blitzed with customers, some feeling very sorry for you (lol).
    So, it’s not even a bad thing…

    I don’t share style with Gogo at all, but she does find nice things, present them well and often I find myself buying from stores she mentions because of how the items were presented to me here. It’s refreshing to see a blog with quality photos and no use of those 7 year old freebie poses everyone has. (That irks me for some reason.)

  12. Jesika

    The reason people follow so closely is because you’re funny, cute as hell and you say the things I’d wanted to say but probably didn’t have the balls to.

    Stay you boo!

  13. Isabelle

    Drama does happen here but its usually started in the comments and yes that does bring people in because everybody loves drama.. but its definitely not the only reason. What I love about this blog is that the looks are not like “let’s see how many items I can fit on my avatar”. Gogo is always adorable, the pictures are clean, and the products are really allowed to stand out.

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