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I just adore this Wisteria headpiece from LaGyo! This item, along with the Paisley necklace, and some other jewelry pieces, will be available at Culture Shock [direct SLurl to LG Concept]. I rarely ever wear this color, so it took awhile to get dressed today, but I think I’ve managed to put together colors that works well together.


While I was wearing all of these, I thought the Green and Lavender really went well together, but now I think I look like a Grape, LOL! A very elegant and sweet Grape, though!

The Cannes Halter Dress from Leverocci is so sweet, I just love this style. I’m also wearing the Amanda Handbag and matching Mary Jane Pumps, all from Leverocci, so go check it out!

Visit Culture Shock
May 4th – 26th

What I’m Wearing:

Truth – Auralee (Swedish)
LaGyo – Cube Ring (Silver) color-change
LaGyo – Paisley Necklace (Silver) color-change
LaGyo – Wisteria Headpiece
Leverocci – Amanda Handbag (Seaside Grass)
Leverocci – Cannes Halter Dress (Lavender)
Leverocci – Mary Jane Pumps (Seaweed)

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  1. Starved MAGIC

    simple and elegant….you always know how to put it together….now i am going to look for some henna for my hands…

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