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I can now cross off “school outfit” from my mesh wishlist, cos Monso definitely made my SL dreams come true with the latest release. Monso released the My School Look mesh outfit in three outfit styles. These outfits are worn as a single mesh item, so you cannot wear each piece separately, but you can color-coordinate using the included HUD.


Look at this HUD! The shirt can be changed 4 different colors, the Skirt, Tie, Tie Type (I didn’t even notice that the HUD has a tie type option until I finished my pictures!) and Vest (only outfit 3 has a vest).


I know school RP is pretty big in SL, and I’ve never done it myself, but I still love wearing school outfits cos they’re oh so cute! Everyone should have a nice school outfit in their inventory!]

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What I’m Wearing:

Elikatira – With (Blonde 05)
Monso – My School Look (SS1/SS2/SVS)
WWI – Army Girl Garters (Jet Black)
Mon Tissu – Openwork Wedges (Black)

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  1. I want this outfit. This would have been amazing back when I was rping in Perd. Maybe it’ll inspire me again 😀

  2. Looks great quality-wise, but i wish they’d release a second version with a knee-length skirt, that would be awesome.

  3. awesome!!! went to school dressed like this once got sent home, knee high boots, short skirt and shirt! i thought i looked sexy… teachers be hating! lol (i was a total whore bag

  4. Love this outfit but you need to wear knickers ! the alpha only goes down to the waist. I upskirted myself by accident before I went out – fortunately ! lol !

    • I totally did too! I always forget to wear panties, until I accidentally cam myself also LOL.

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