Peach Princess

Peach Princess

This new Lady in Red hairstyle from Exile is inspired by Little Red Riding Hood, and comes with a color-changing cape. I really wanted to put together a Red look, but so many people already have and it’s stunning. See it on Exile’s Flickr stream! I went with a Peach Princess look, and wore the Kallisto Dress from Gizza. I hardly ever wear flexi-prim dresses anymore, but I really thought the Pink from this dress worked well with the Coral colored cape.

Peach Princess

I’m so excited about this cape, I can’t wait to make more looks ranging from sexy to dangerous!

Find this new Exile hair at the Fairy Tales event today @ 2PM SLT. This event runs from June 22nd – July 8th.

What I’m Wearing:

Exile – Lady In Red (Stefani)
Gizza – Kallisto Dress (Pinky)

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  1. The Kallisto dress is a very pretty dress, I have it in Aqua, just beware, it is a MASSIVE pain if you need to size it down because your avatar is on the shorter scale.
    No re size script in the rope belt, and those evil shoulder straps are ridiculous, they cant even be edited down in size because they are attached together and have the cape like thing draping down you back. I had to go to edit linked parts and tried to fix it to my shape that way (it was that or give my avatar football shoulders)
    Lastly w/e you do don’t mess it up because you cant make a copy of it, which I think is stupid…if the item is no transfer and they lock the textures why not make it copyable?!

    Anyway that all being said you are, as always, a stunning vision of beauty GoGo!

    • I didn’t try to re-size, but I did notice that it was no copy! As with most SL gowns, they tend to be a foot longer than my legs :X

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