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Pink hair

LeLutka introduced a new fades hair texture pack this weekend, and I think it’s pretty awesome! I just wish the packs were broken up into smaller ones, instead of one big fades fatpack. My personal favorite is this Cheryl hairstyle in the MarilynPinkFade texture.


LeLutka – Cheryl hair (with included alpha | with custom-made alpha | hair line

A few days ago, I mentioned that I had to tweak my head shape to wear the ploom hairstyle. I am wearing that same shape today, with the “less round” head, and it still didn’t fit the Cheryl hairstyle! I did not want to make my head more slender, so I asked Kavar to make a better alpha (get it for free on Marketplace!) for me, and he did, and it’s perfect. Thank you, Kavar! All I needed was a bit more alpha on one side to remove a patch of my head that was poking through the hair (I have no idea why only one side had this problem, since the hair seemed symmetrical). I also adjusted my forehead slope to fit the front, cos this hair seems to fit really tightly around the head/face. I also noticed the hairline was different with this hairstyle, and it has a nice effect when you’re zoomed out, but when I zoomed in, I didn’t really like the alpha textures that much (reminds me of a wig).

I’ve noticed that LeLutka’s newest mesh hairstyles seems to be more narrow than before. I have the non-mesh Jolie hairstyle, and the fit was perfect, but the newer mesh version did not fit me at all. The hair strands went into the side of my face, and I just don’t have an alpha layer to fix that. I’m hoping future hair releases will consider adding more width, or having two versions, for those of us with wider heads! 😛

What I’m Wearing:

LeLutka – Cheryl Hair (MarilynPinkFade)
Leverocci – Cannes Halter Dress (White)
SLink – Natural Barefeet Mesh Feet (Rigged)
SLink – Ilena Sandals (White)
LaGyo – Paisley Necklace (Bronze)
Maxi Gossamer – Boho Ring

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  1. The Cheryl hair alone didn’t really work all that well with my face shape, but it looks great with a hat. That slimmer silhouette can be an advantage.

  2. Hi!
    Yes, I had the same feeling about the mesh version of Jolie… I really like the non-mesh version and I was expecting the mesh version so long, but when I saw this new version… well, looks good, but the non-mesh version is a lot prettier. Nice post, Gogolita, you talk about interesting points… this hair you’re wearing, Cheryl Hair, looks beautiful, but I really don’t like how it looks when you wear it… which is sad, because it could be an awesome hair if that wasn’t so narrow.

  3. I had same problem with the alpha layer, i had to fix it in photoshop. And i agree, the mesh hairs are becoming too narrow..

  4. I don’t care for the hairstyle on it’s own, but I think it will be perfect hat hair

    • Hell I wish I could give Kavar the money I am going to spend to buy this hair. Because without his alpha I was not going to bother buying it. I have the same problem you do with the side and the brow slope in the front. I hope they are fitting these hairs for SL heads not that mesh head they use in all the ads.

  5. Apparently the Jolie hairstyle is fine with my head but I just can´t make up my mind about really liking mesh hair. It looks good inside the store or in my house but if I go outside and stand in front of trees or waters those ugly alphas really bother me. Daisy hairstyle was the worst so far but they all have it 🙁 Not to mention flexi….

    • I have the same problem, i really cant enjoy meshes, on clothing or hair, even if some are so cute, there are so many problems to wear them.

  6. I am glad someone else saw the problem with Cheryl. I love this hairstyle and have been waiting for a good version for quite awhile. Currently I’ve been rocking a similar style from lamb but have also wanted something sleek. Holy cow how narrow does a head have to be to wear this well? I’ve yet to see anyone I truly think it looks great on. Am going to try the Kavar alpha (Thank you btw!). Other than static poses and photography, I’ll have to pass on this and the Jolie.

  7. my headshape must be weird i don’t even wear the alpha. i really like it though, i always wanted really close to the head long straight hair and the only thing i had close to this was something from boon i bought two years ago, so this is a big upgrade.

  8. I had exactly the same issue with that hair… little bit poking through! It’s weird because i have never had an issue with a mesh hair not fitting before. I really like the hair, but it does look a bit flat on me too.

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