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I’ve been playing with the Mirror-water effect since last year, and I think it is the coolest effect ever!! I’ve managed to get reflection following the tutorials, but it was too dark or jagged. I’ve finally figured out my Windlight setting for water, to create a brighter reflection, but I still had to Photoshop the reflection to make it smoother. I’m loving the effect, what do you guys think?

Here are some tutorials to get you started:

How to Make a Working Mirror in Second Life @ NWN (not the one I followed, but I liked the video)
Mirror Water by Zonja Capalini (this is a good one, with more step-by-step instructions)

If you guys know of any more Mirror tutorials, post it in my comments and I will add the link to this post.

/UPDATE/ With shadows turned OFF, the reflections are smooth, not jagged. I hardly ever take photos without shadows though!


This lovely new hairstyle is Cerise, from DeLa. It is rigged mesh, and I just love the Blonde textures. All the hairstyles and demos are on Marketplace, which is a major plus in my opinion!


I have had my eye on this Vintage Denim dress from tram for a few weeks. I love the style, length, and the options! It comes with two different belt options, and all Standard mesh sizes. This dress goes perfectly with the soon-to-be released Aelia Wedges from Celoe. You won’t have to wait long, a birdie told me it’ll be out very soon.

What I’m Wearing:

DeLa – Cerise (Blonde 1)
Celoe – Aelia Wedges (Cinnamon)
Tram – Vintage Denim Dress (Used Blue)

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  1. Ty for showing this, it works perfectly for me, I just couldn’t find any tutorials teaching how to make the water mirror effect on the wall. But I’ve seen it’s possible! hehe
    Thanks again, Gogo. Great post!

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  3. Oh my goodness, DeLa has some GORGEOUS hair! I had no idea they did hair as well. I’m not crazy about their shades of red, I wish they had more coppery shades. I think that would be good feedback for the creator.
    It’s great to see DeLa creating in mesh, I have a few of their sweater outfits, and they would be SOOO much better in mesh.
    BTW, those shoes are fantastic!

  4. Build a sideways set..make a Mirror on the wall that is actually a hole that shows the water ..just turn a poseball side on for pics and vids but u cant live SL that way.

  5. I got three other hairstyles from DeLa, Cerise, Mango and Shell. I got them in Orange browns so I could have both a dark and light red. They’re gorgeous! I also got Aelia wedges. They were really pricey (950 L I think) but they are SO cute and really easy to color match.

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  9. Hi Gogo, i try make water mirror efect today all day >.< but something goes wrong….i think is the days lights, what moment day i need use to get this effect???

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