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By the shore


I’m out of the skybox, and on the beach! This new Maitreya Mignon Dress has the cutest backside and lots of derrière. I can totally see myself spending the rest of the Summer in this comfortable looking dress. I wish there was a matching bikini or bathing suit, too!

What I’m Wearing:

Truth – Tashia (Cocoa)
Maitreya – Mignon Dress (Violet-Red)
LeLutka – Mischa (Samuri) Shoes
League – Wanderer (Wood Medley) Bracelet

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  1. Bronya

    Wow, such a cute dress! Definitely gonna check this one out.

  2. Vianne

    I’m sitting here in the middle of winter, with a blanket wrapped around my shoulders and two pair of socks on and a cup of hot chocolate next to me to re-warm my hands from typing… And my avatar is wearing this, sunbathing… And it’s warming me up!
    I love being on the wrong side of the planet!!
    Lovely dress!

    • Lyre Dunia

      You made me miss the winter. 🙂

  3. Tlachta Nagy

    oooh new Maitreya dress – will have to check it out this weekend!
    Only been on your blog a few times, think I may have to subscribe – you’re always finding such lovely things!

    Tl x

  4. Rore

    I’ll be making a trip to Maitreya today! You’re right, there should be a bathing suit to match, a cute little mesh bikini if you ask me! Maybe if enough people agree they’ll make one.
    BTW, the JuicyBomb app for my phone is no longer working correctly. I get the start up pic, then just the background, no news or photo buttons. I am quite sad about that cuz I’m totally addicted to your blog!

    • Lyre Dunia

      I wanted to download the app but the link doesn’t work. 🙁

  5. Lilly

    I love the bikini idea I hope someone is paying attention *hint hint*

  6. anahata

    oh my goodness maitreya had great releases this week! that dress is awesome.

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