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One Bad Pixel

I feel like a bad person for saying this, but I don’t like long mesh gowns. They stretch weirdly when you move, or in poses where your legs are bent or apart. I prefer shorter dresses most of the time, but I fell in love with this floral pattern on the new Chryssie Maxi Dress from One Bad Pixel.

One Bad Pixel

I found some old Chibi Wings from Pink Fuel that I forgot I had. It’s my favorite part of this whole outfit, and they seem to work with this dress and my Paperplanes pose prop box from Nuwiggles.

What I’m Wearing:

Exile – Colette (Vanilla)
One Bad Pixel – Chryssie Dress (White)
Mon Tissu – Openwork Wedges (White)
Pink Fuel – Chibi Wing- Sparkle
LaGyo – Bonbon Ring (Gold)

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  1. Audrey

    That skin looks beautiful on you, it really suits your shape. I can’t wait for the full release.

    • Gogo

      I know! I can’t waitttttttt.

  2. Vianne

    Oh I’m so with you, Gogo!
    Floor length skirts so rarely work! They either stretch like system skirts do (did… lol still do, but no one’s worn them since 2006!)
    I’m hoping it can be improved, but really, in 3D movies (Shrek 1) and games like Sims 3, the floor length skirts deform too, so I don’t imagine they will. I wonder how many years SL will have to wait for ‘cloth’ like clothing that moves, ripples etc.. I doubt it’ll happen…

  3. Kate

    You look exactly like Scarlett Johansson!

    • Gogo

      What a nice compliment! TY!

  4. Addison

    I totally agree with you Gogo. Long mesh dress’s are hideous. I love the short ones, but would never never never buy a long one. I much prefer the old flexi for long skirts/dresses. The one you’re wearing is pretty, but I’d never wear it in-world.

  5. Charolotte Caxton

    What a beautiful look!

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