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Palm Springs

Palm Springs

Barnesworth Anubis has a fully furnished Palm Springs Cottage on sale at Collabor88 this month! I can’t resist anything with palm trees, or a built-in pool. This home includes a rezzer, so within seconds, it was ready to go 🙂

I needed something equally colorful to wear, so I looked around on the Marketplace, and found this $99L Tropical Mesh Dress from Swanky. It’s cheap, it’s cute, and the demo fits alright, so I bought it. I was shocked to discover that this dress does not include an alpha layer! Luckily, I fit this pretty well, and it was cheap so I don’t really care too much.


I’m wearing the new SLink Natural Barefeet feet & Ilena Sandals. These mesh feet were so easy to tint, and fits instantly! I am sooooo glad, cos that’s really one of my least favorite things to do in the past, is to re-size and re-position shoes or feet. I was able to get a pretty good skin match, and “added” the mesh sandals to my feet, just like real shoes! I think it’s pretty cool that the Ilena Sandals, and Margot Ballet Slippers from SLink are designed to fit over the mesh feet.


SLink Natural Bare Mesh Feet HUD

What I’m Wearing:

Truth – Cynthia w/ Roots (Swedish)
Swanky – tropical mesh dress
SLink – Natural Barefeet (Mesh Rigged)
SLink – Ilena Sandals (Olive)
SLink – Margot Ballet Slippers (Pearl)
Barnesworth Anubis – Palmsprings Cottage

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  1. chillilly

    I always get a bit jealous when seeing pics of perfectly aligned feet.
    For whatever reason, I always end up with an ugly cut – yes, “cut”, not the common blending problem where the attachment meets the regular shape – just above the ankle joint, despite standard sizing and blending socks. Attempts to resize the feet to match the legs usually end up in a look that could be easily described as “dwarf with bigfoot syndrome”.

    *sighs* At least it means that you end up with a nice list of skin creators who do lovely texture feet and those who don’t.

    • Nicole Twigvald

      With these rigged feet you can’t really go wrong as far as alignment! There is a notecard with the exact leg numbers, so if you’re fine with using a standard sized shape on your legs then the ankle cut problem should go away. Resize is impossible so they either always fit or they never will. Also make sure the knee angle is at 50, slanting it could be the cause if the ankle cut, even if the other leg numbers are standard.

  2. dawnde lane

    i found these incredible easy to tint! and i didnt know there was ballet pumps as well 🙁

    havent stopped by c88 but i will 😀

  3. MissKitty Fairlady

    I have a little difficulty in tinting them, and i can never tell if they are correct or not. But i think it’s more an issue of my graphics and not the HUD. I have been wearing the Ilena sandals since they came out. Got the ballerinas as soon as they came out too! Love not having to take the feet off and put back on later.

  4. anahata

    gah i’m stuck between buying these and buying some off the market place at 1/3 of the price. i do like the option for sandals and ballet slippers though, i am just so darn cheap!

  5. Angela Kwak

    I Like them very much because of the shoes that you can add but when I go only bare feet I prefer *GA* Flat Bare Feets from Gael Streeter. These feet have a sort of ankle join, a part that is semi transparent that makes the part between the feet and the enkel smooth.

  6. Charolotte Caxton

    Adorable. I really love the colors in the top photo. The dress and fun hairstyle go great with the colors in the back. So fun.

  7. Tracy Redangel

    I bought these feet (and the sandals, love them!) The feet look really good with some windlight settings (Nam’s Optimal skin & prim) but others they look mismatched.
    Oh why oh why couldn’t Linden Labs just have given us pretty hands and feet?

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