I’m on Marketplace!

Second Life Marketplace banner, July/Swimwear

I’m on the Second Life Marketplace!! If you don’t see my photo, refresh a few times. It’s always exciting to be invited by the Lab to submit a photo, so THANK YOU Linden Lab!! 🙂

If you guys want to do a pile-up of my photograph, I have added it to Flickr:

Summer Heat

What I’m Wearing:

Elikatira – Return (Blonde 05)
artilleri – Nyna Bikini (Blue)
SLink – Natural Barefeet (Mesh Rigged)
SLink – Ilena Sandals (Gold)

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  1. Hope that means that they eventually got rid of a certain other shot.
    It was a bit absurd that half the grid participates in a fundraiser to cover the legal fees against the skin “creator” in that particular ad, while that “creator” still got tons of PR.

  2. I just started reading your blog and when I saw the picture on MP ~ I was truly amazed. So beautiful and talented. Its such an inviting and relaxing picture…just like this blog. Congratulations and Keep Up The Good Work!

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