JUICYBOMB.COM – Studio Windlight Settings

My Facebook page reached 1,000+ likes this week! As a “thank you” gift to all of my loyal readers, I have packaged five of my favorite Studio Windlight settings for you to download.

I haven’t ever shared these Windlight Settings before, even though tons of people have asked! Please enjoy them, and let me know if you like them!

JUICYBOMB.COM - Studio Windlight Settings

A lot of people don’t know this, but the direction that your avatar faces matters when using a Windlight Setting made by someone else. When I am on a pose stand, my avatar is always facing SOUTH, and the blank prim background is behind me. All of these settings were created with Ultra graphics settings, but they’ll work for lower graphics settings too. If your picture doesn’t look exactly like mine, it’s probably due to having a different graphics card & graphics settings.


Download the JUICYBOMB.COM – Studio Windlight Settings!

To install, locate this folder on your computer and copy all of the Windlight Settings there:


Feel free to modify the Windlight Settings for your own personal use.

 Update: Thanks to everyone who have downloaded or blogged my Windlight Settings!! I have noticed that some of you guys are using it for in-world scenery photography. When I created these, I didn’t pay attention to the sky color at all, cos it wasn’t visible with the prim background behind me. Some of the skies are dark/brown/black, so if you want to use the settings outdoors, take a moment to adjust your sky! 🙂

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  1. Amazing, thanks so much I have been wanting some of these! Congrats on 1000 likes, I know I have loved reading this blog. Even if this is my first comment on here >.<

  2. Thanks so much for sharing, Gogo.
    Already had a quick look in-world and I’m loving these 🙂
    Well done on the 1k likes and keep up your amazing blog, I love it so much.
    Your avi is always so beautiful.

  3. Awesome! Thanks GoGo! I can’t wait to try these when I get home. For Mac users, to install the windlight settings, you copy the files into User/ApplicationSupport/ SecondLife (or if you use a Third party viewer)/settings/windlight

  4. Congratulations on the FB likes!

    Thank you for the Windlight Settings! This is a blessing and a curse for me because I’m somewhat of a Windlight Setting addict and it often takes me forever to take a picture because I spend so much time going through WLS to find the perfect one. Now I have 5 more to add to the list!

    But really, these are lovely. 🙂

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  6. OMG! was just taking pics and having a nightmare with a good setting! <3 congratulations on 1k likes and thank you for being so generous

  7. Thanks, Gogo! Major smiles. 🙂

    For those of you on MacOS who would like to install these Windlight settings, the process is different (same regardless of whether you’re using the official browser, Firestorm or whatever):
    * quit your SL browser of choice
    * right click on the browser app in your Applications folder (or wherever it is), and select “Show Package Contents”
    * in the window that appears, open Contents, then Resources, then app_settings, then windlight, then skies
    * drag Gogo’s Windlight settings into that skies folder, and then close all the folders
    * relaunch your SL browser
    * done!

  8. Congrats on all the love! Wow your windlight settings are beautiful, I must say it intrigued me to download SL and come back for a minute. Love your blog always xoxo red

  9. Thank you for sharing these! I’m looking forward to using them during my next login 😀

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  11. Congratulations, and thank you! Can’t wait to try these out…I always love adding to my Windlight settings collection. :o)

  12. Awesome! Thanks Gogo for sharing, and congrats for ll the likes!
    Many more willcome for sure! XoXo

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  15. first i congratulate on your likes, that is so fantastic! i downloaded the settings but as it seems i can not find an appdata folder on my computer at all… i somewhere read that you can hide folders but how to un-hide them again i do not kow, so maybe that would be my problem i guess… i hope i get them up and running because i like the effects very every much, thank you for sharing them with us!

    • i got it done and love it!!!!!! they are so so so great! thank you for your generous gesture!!!… me is in love with those new settings to play with!

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  18. Thank you for sharing these! I have used these like crazy every since you posted them. And definitely congrats on the 1000 (now PLUS) likes on Facebook! Go, go, GOGO! 😛

  19. I took your windlight settings for a test drive, and I love them!! I posted about 8 new pics on my Flicker page entitled “If I was green” (btw, ty for adding me as a contact there!), and I also posted a link to them on my new Facebook page…the link to that is above. Thanks again!!

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  22. I just stumbled upon your blog. Thanks very much for sharing this. I am always looking to improve my photos and blogging. By the way, you are very pretty. 🙂

  23. Thank you for the settings. Where is that hair from? It’s just like my RL Hair. 🙂

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  25. Thanks you gogo for these awsome windlight settings, SL seems so more vibrant nowadays!

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  44. So whenever you’re taking a photo, it’s the farther you are from the background = more shadows? drop shadows, etc.

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  56. your lighting is always so awesome. would it be possible to update these sometime? for me.. sure but, for others as well.. it’s about to be 2016 hehe.. i am going to ask some of my other fav bloggers if they will do the same. xoxo have a great new year!! ~M~

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  61. Hello there! Not sure if you’ll be reading comments from such an old post but it’s worth a try. I’ve recently started playing SL again and for years your windlights have been my default to use. They are that good! However, now that I’m installing back SL, I can’t seem to download the zip file from the link anymore. Would you have an alternative link that works? It’s such a silly thing but I really miss those windlights. Thank you!

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