I love my outfit today! I found a few more things from the Bombi event in my inventory, that I haven’t worn yet! The event is over, but you can probably find these items at the main store (I THINK). I’m wearing the Wood Hahoe Tal necklace, and Bok Bag from yoyo9.

This Clawtooth “Serendipity” hairstyle is at Hair Fair. It’s really similar to the one I blogged a few days ago, except it doesn’t have a twist on top.

I had to fix my outfit a bit in Photoshop, cos parts of the sweater (mesh) went into the frilly shorts (also mesh). The outfit is fine to wear in-world as is, but I just wanted to fix it up for the blog picture.

What I’m Wearing:

Clawtooth – Serendipity (Girl Next Door)
Mon Tissu – Slouchy Sweater (Sky)
G-Field – Frilly Shorts (Ivory)
G-Field – Long Cuff Boots – Will
Yoyo9 – Bok Bag (Red)
Yoyo9 – Wood ahoe Tal medal C
Sticky Kiss – Bloody Knee Light (With Bandaid)

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  1. hey, what mesh viewer do you use? I have tons and tons of problems with firestorm/phoenix. I am looking for another alternative besides the SL official viewer.

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