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Katat0nik released a new mesh dress and it is sooo adorable! Each color represents a different fruit, and has a matching fruit pattern along the bottom of the dress. Of course I had to pick Strawberry Pink, but I really love them all!

What I’m Wearing:

Exile – Midnight in Paris (Stefani)
Katat0nik – Allura Mesh Dress
G-Field – Alex Strap Shoes (Suede)

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  1. Ashlee

    Yay. Katat0nik does some super fun stuff. It looks great.

  2. GaiaRae Veliz

    Granted, the dress is really cute, and I went to go check out the other colors.. but it was priced at 750L and the sizes where way off from the regular standard sizing. I’m not cheap by any means either, and even the top designers in SL don’t charge that much. I’m sorry, but I just won’t pay that much for something I’ll still have to [really] alter my shape for, it’s not THAT cute.

  3. Mandie Zobovic

    I love looking at your blog because you always have one of the best styles and very classy and when I saw this dress, I had to go find it. I love the whole cute summer dresses, but never really know where to find them. I have to agree with GaiaRae Veliz though. I am not cheap by any means as well, I will spend good money for great clothes but, that is just ridiculous pricing. Nothing towards you at all, you wear it great and hey if you can afford it, go big or go home but, yes I agree…they really shouldn’t be that high! Very cute dress and style :] You never seem to fail me, always looking the best!

  4. Ashlee

    To be fair I’m a total Katat0nik fan girl. I think her perspective is unique, and her work exceptional. She’s a true artist. An original. And if you’re a member of her in-world group you regularly receive all sorts of top quality gifts. I’d say that for every outfit one purchases you get 3 or 4 for free. So taking the long view it more than balances out.

    The top designers … and Katat0nik is certainly among them … transcend the usual template driven fashion outlets. There’s no real comparison. They’re far more creative … they work a lot harder … and it’s reflected in the price.

    I own that exact dress Gogo blogged … and it’s a killer. Is it worth 10 cookie-cutter frocks? Ummmm … yes.

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