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All I've ever wanted

For the first time in years, I have no SL home!! I sold my home sim last night, and now I just have my pose stand parked over a friend’s sim. I already miss my lil tropical island so much.

Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere though! I still have 3 sims in SL.

I went to look at some tropical land last night from some of the big estates in SL, and the tier prices were alright. Some of these estates are beautifully landscaped with a strict covenant. The only two things I’ve noticed that I did not like was 1) some estates uses UGLY terrain textures (your sand should not be that Yellow) and 2) requiring a “purchase” price. I will never pay to buy land on a privately owned sim, unless it was credited back as rent (which is what I do on my own sims).

I wish more of my friends were into sandy beaches, so we could all share a sim together!

New Beach Towel & Parasol by What Next

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  1. Asia Romano

    You must be the most glam ‘homeless’ person I ever saw 🙂 Good luck finding your perfect beach.

    • Gogo

      hahaha sl homeless, but still fabulous 🙂

  2. Sandrine

    i’m searching a nice tropical place too, but not a whole sim only 1/4 to rent and to put a nice tiki house on it ^^ not easy ’cause so many sims look ugly 🙁
    ah and btw. great blog gogo 🙂 *thumbs up*

  3. Charolotte Caxton

    Omg, your post title scared me, I’m glad you aren’t leaving 🙂

  4. Sommer Restless

    Awe, that’s sad. Are you getting another sim?? How come you sold your sim, that’s sad.

  5. Americanhoney99

    Where did you get your hair?

  6. Mia Liebster

    Am I the only one to find this post ridiculous? You’re homeless Gogo but you own 3 sims?? Is this a joke? The expression ‘more money than sense’ springs to mind. Some people are never pleased and never will be. Look around you more often 🙂

    • Gogo

      I said I have no home, for the first time in years (letting go of a private space is sad). My other sims are commercial, and yes anyone sim tenant can “live” there in the sky or have work space above their shops, but is not a residential sim. I thought Asia’s comment about my being homeless was said tongue-in-cheek, so please don’t think that I’m ungrateful in any way, or I want people to feel sorry for me (at all).

  7. Cristina Mistwalker

    Good luck finding a new home, hope you find your perfect paradise 🙂

  8. Skate Foss

    Until recently I had a ‘Purchase Price’ on my sim. I removed it, but the reason it was there was for insurance and cover price of advertising. Many would rent, then make lots of requests, which my staff and I take care of quickly…only to find abandoned land, or tenants leaving in a week. It became such a problem, one Estate Manager insisted we start charging a ‘Renter’s Fee’.
    I since removed it.
    And I think you’d like the sand on Matanzas, 🙂

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