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Gogo’s top 10 pose brands


Feathered fans are my weakness. I have been playing with the new Feathered pose set from Glitterati, and it’s so pretty! Starting on August 4th, you’ll be able to buy this set at Vintage Fair. Be sure to enter the Vintage Fair Flickr Competition, there are over $115,000L in prizes up for grabs!

A bunch of people have asked me where I buy my poses, or what pose brands I like, so I made a list of my top 10 pose brands below. A few of my favorite brands that I use often (for blog posts) are already retired, so I didn’t include those in the list. The list below is of brands that have either amazing normal fashion-friendly poses (nice stands, sits) or they have fun pose props that I enjoy using.

Gogo’s top 10 pose brands:

Sweet Lovely Cute
Tea Soup
(didn’t realized Tea Soup is closed, but on MP still)

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  1. Emychan Aichi

    I cant wait to August 4th!! love poses!!
    thanks for list of shops!!!!

  2. Opal Rae

    Yay, thanks for sharing. Love the pic, too.

  3. Nicole Twigvald

    I didn’t know Tea Soup was on marketplace! Too bad she’s only posted a few items up there though. Nuwiggles is a new one for me, something neat to check out later.

  4. Skye D.

    Those fan poses are awesome! I love doing pin up style pictures, and I believe I must have those.

    *Sigh* From what I’ve been seeing, Vintage Fair is going to cost me a fortune…I just know it.

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