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iheartsl ad


One of the things I’ve been working on today is a banner for iheartsl, to be displayed at Hair Fair, next week.

I’m wearing the Lindsey hairstyle from Exile.

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  1. Rore


  2. Mattie

    It is beautiful but it looks more like a GOGO ad than an iheartsl ad. The lettering needs something to make it more eye catching. Maybe a drop shadow or different color, idk. Also, the lettering is slightly crooked (higher towards the end of the logo).

    • Gogo

      This is true, I couldn’t think of anything that screams “iheartsl” so I just whipped up an eye-catching thing lol. Also, I made the letters a bit “wavy” in PS — I guess the effect doesn’t show that much cos it’s very subtle. I’ll consider all of your suggestions for next time!

      • Mattie

        Oh, so sorry. It hadn’t occurred to me that you already submitted it or I’d have kept my big mouth shut 🙂 It’s very nice, regardless.

  3. Lachesis

    Why Dont you do something like, Your Avie, Standing holding a prim heart. and the words, ”
    I” and “SL” on either side of her.

    • Lachesis

      BTW she should have a cute pose.

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