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Pixel Mode Bare Feet

Pixel Mode

If you guys have been following my blog for awhile, you’ll know that I love mesh feet/sculpted feet. I hardly ever take my SLink mesh feet off these days, so when Pixel Mode released the new Bare Feet, I went and tried them on! I am no longer banned from the PM sim (or anywhere, that I aware of), so I tp’d right over and got myself a pair.

Pixel Mode

The price for the Bare Feet is $600L, and includes a HUD, Ankle Blender (tattoo and sock layer), and sizes xx small – large. I also picked up a pair of Flip Flops, for $300L. The Flip Flops includes a Flower Power HUD to change the color of the flower. You can wear the flip flops with, or without the flower.

Pixel Mode

I was able to get a pretty good match on my feet using one of the 15 skin presets on the HUD, and also tinted the Ankle Blender to hide the ‘line’ where the mesh feet joined with my ankle area. I’ve noticed that this Pixel Mode HUD does not include a color-picker, so you’ll have to use the HSL buttons to tint your skin. I prefer a color picker, cos for me it’s just much easier to tint using it, but thankfully I was able to get a good match for my skin using the HSL buttons. Definite try a demo before purchasing!

Pixel Mode

Visit Pixel Mode

What I’m Wearing:

Elikatira – Studio (Blonde 05)
BOOM – Ellio Bikini (Doll Pink)
Pixel Mode – Bare Feet
Pixel Mode – Flip Flops (White)

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  1. Kaelyn Alecto

    These feet and flip-flops add-ons are so cute! I am also a big big fan of Slink but these are adorable!

  2. ebediyet

    After struggling with the SLink barefoot feet to get a good match I was hesitant to buy this demo and try it. I hate wearing layers to blend the feet because I’m terrible at matching colors so I found these feet extremely useful! I didn’t find an exact match on the skin tones, but I was so happy that I was able to tweak the digits and make a match for my skin!! I then adjusted the lighting just to see how bad the variance would be between other lighting shades. Now if there were some jewelry options for toe rings – sole less sandals, or what not – I would be completely in love!! I’m buying these for sure. Oops – already did!

  3. Taliferrue

    So are you saying these are the equivalent or better than Slinks feet? I think i will hop over and try the demo.

  4. ebediyet

    Yeah I don’t know, I think the shape could be improved to be more natural, and the texture could probably use a little bit more effort around the ankle but I did find the method of tinting to be easier in getting a correct match in color.

  5. Angel

    There’s something a bit sausage-like about those toes. They look like they’re textured well, but the shape of them is off-putting to me. It’s very odd.

  6. Alexa Trefoil

    Love the feet. Don’t like the HUD. It took me almost an hour to match a League medium skin. I’d love to see an option on the HUD to input the RGB. Also an option to turn off the bell. The flip flops are adorable and I love the flower options. Cute look!

  7. Profane Littlething

    I can’t get the space between the foot and the leg to go away….how irritating. How did you do it?

  8. Alexa Trefoil

    Wanted to add that I tried them with a Glam Affair Light and was able to get a match almost immediately. The notecard sent out announcing them does say the HUD will update as more skin textures are added so perhaps more medium,tan,and darker tones will be added to make matching easier. The HUD is graphically pretty,just would like more input options or more textures.

  9. Opal Rae

    WOW I am not trying to badmouth SLink at all but I bought their mesh feet and completely struggled for a skin match, bought these this morning and had them sorted in under 5 minutes. Well done [PM]
    They’re gorgeous, thanks Gogo.

  10. Scarlet Singer

    Psst the Slurl ya posted drops you in the sky on the roof, she moved the store down today.
    that’s the slurl to land ya inside! <3

  11. Rena

    I will try these feet too..had alot of trouble with the line in SLink feet. Would be nice if we had a place we put codes for the matches we found in diff skins! Helping eachother since it’s such a struggle. Or if designers put the skin matches up like Maitreya does.

  12. Ninna Dazy

    My favorite mesh bare feet are from Gaeline Creations. Great and easy-to-use HUD, no problems to match skin color, lots of nails polish colors and even tattoos for ankle. Price is, i think 300L, and since i bought those bare feet, I didn’t take them off.

    • Ninna Dazy

      I forgat to say that I found very helpfull note card in box of N-core bare feet. For matching skin tone on bare feet they added RGB values for many popular skins – League, Al Vulo, Laqroki, Belleza, LeLutka, Pink Fuel, Curio, Tuli, Glam Affaire and Redgrave. Great thing!

  13. Morgana Hilra

    Ok, I have not yet done my review of these however, I will say that I had to edit my leg/knee angle so much that it looked like i was riding a horse.
    I love Pixel Mode.. very much but, I still stand by Slink as being the best…
    With Slink I do not need to edit my shape at all.
    And the Slink has an RBG input option that I love.. and I wish that [PM] still had this option..
    The feet ARE pretty… but, the S size just barely fit properly and the xs was TOO small….
    I am still trying to figure out how to fix them so I can use them while in a swimsuit.

    Gogo you photos are amazing as always.

    • Aeva

      Ive never heard of anyone having to adjust their knee angle so much to get a foot item to work, especially if you already use the SLink ones without trouble. Ive tried them both on and never had to adjust my knee angle for either…I keep my knee angle right dead cneter at 50 all the time.

      • Gogo

        This is a great tip! Mine is always 50 as well.

  14. ebediyet Matthews

    I didn’t have to edit my shape at all, and I am built curvier then most models. I would suggest trying sizes bigger then the small. In most sizes I am either a medium or a large, and they fit well, I think in terms of feet it only applies to the width of your ankle/lower leg.

    Just trying to be helpful, not sure what all you tried. But I do not think the length of the foot increases or decreases with the size measurement.

    • Morgana Hilra

      would not work for me.. we want the feet to look like avatar feet.. not elephant feet LOL…
      her feet are awesome but, if i put LARGE on my avie.. i may as well be wearing fins.
      i am only 5’5 in sl.

  15. Deckland McCullough

    I think it was pretty big of you to go ahead and do a post about PM after the recent past. Very nice-looking feet, too!

  16. Chris

    Nice post, I was actually looking for male feet (but not the ugly kind!) so I started my search using your “Pixel Mode – Bare Feet” as a start point. Apparently they don’t even have them in their catalog on the marketplace. I wonder if their store has male stuff. Will see.

  17. Kat

    What skin are you wearing in this post? TIA!

    • Gogo

      Pink Fuel, unreleased. Probably soon?

  18. The Blogging Elf

    I know I am late but I wanted to say that there is one thing that always bothered me about the Slink feet: The shape of the feet looks a bit as if you wore highheels too frequently. That one bone seems to stick out, much like on Vic Beckham’s feet. However, I have to agree that the toes on these seem a wee bit odd. Not sure which ones I’ll love more yet! 😀

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