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Top 4 from Hair Fair

My focus this year is mesh hair. Although there were a few lovely sculpted prim hairstyles, I really think that mesh hair was the highlight of the fair. My favorite hairstyles from Hair Fair 2012 are:

Hair Fair 2012

Exile – Sea of Love | Clawtooth – Starlight

Hair Fair 2012

Exile – Silent Wings | Lamb – Blue Velvet

I could have probably picked more than just four, but these four really stood out to me. I love the style, length, and they’re all mesh too. The Exile hairs I love cos they included accessories that are scripted to color-change. Clawtooth is a surprise hit, I didn’t expect to find a favorite hairstyle here, but I definitely fell in love with the Starlight hairstyle (the rigging is so-so, it goes into the side of the face)! Lamb’s hair is adorable, frames the face really well but the rigging is not done too well (the hair shifts in different poses, causing some of the hair to go into the side of the face). That’s all for me this year. There are many more lovely hairstyles but my attention span is too short to cover the entire fair!

Seraphim blog did a wonderful job covering ALL of the fair, check it out here.

What were your favorite hairstyles?

What I’m Wearing:

Celoe – April Dress
Exile – Sea of Love
Clawtooth – Starlight
Exile – Silent Wings
Lamb – Blue Velvet

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  1. Bronya

    I love the Sea of Love style, but my favourite is the last one. It’s so pretty!

  2. Tracy Redangel

    They’re all pretty, I like the Lamb hair best. I could only get into the Garden and Flower sim, I tried several times to tp into Sand and Water, but no dice O.o. There is a style I want from Analog Dog I tried from the preview that is gorgeous. Oh well, I’ll try later in the week.

  3. kelly

    I love both Lamb’s Wild at Heart and Blue Velvet. Exile’s Silent Wings was another favorite of mine for mesh styles. Favorite non mesh is definitely Pr!tty’s Ally, very cute side braid!

  4. Cherry

    i also only wanted mesh hair this year, but i have only bought like 5 or 6 and i have been through all the sims.

    my favorite of all is exile – silent wing

    i really like the melanie hair from Iren(never heard of Iren), but the ends on the hair just look like big chunks wich is a shame because it is very very cute, but i certainly see potential, so i will keep an eye on that creator

  5. Lizzie

    I really loved Brigitte by Wasabi Pills, so much that I had to get it for a function that our sim had today for Bastille Day (14 julliet) – I couldn’t get into Water either and finally walked as close as I could to the Wasabi Pills booth (which is right by the Flower border, mercifully) and cammed in to buy it! I was afraid of loosing the folder in the process but thankfully it worked and I got some nice compliments. The prim hair that is out there is pretty, but mesh just looks so happy on my head.

  6. Anahata

    i’m a hair addict

    my faves, that i also bought, eek…
    all of lamb’s hair
    all of lelutka
    oh mai – chloe (looks like an old lady bun, perfect for nerdy looks)
    fashionably dead – saturday
    argrace – chloe (the one with the fedora that i saw lots wearing too)
    gotschze – josepha (never head of them before)
    illusory – nostalgic (loved the pony top. a new style of hair i haven’t really seen)

  7. Delilas

    I think the Alice Project should get more attention! Although she’s newish, she’s had some good hair, and its only 250L for the hair to come with a hud that changes color, streaks, tips, and sections of hair. I’m consistently surprised I haven’t really seen them blogged anywhere!

  8. Hito

    ITA Delilas! The 1st mesh hair I ever purchased was from Alice Project late last year. I liked how she used flexi attachments with the mesh to give it some movement. I quickly snatched up “Helalyn” when it was released and it’s now become my signature hair- I always wear it. lol

  9. Opal Rae

    Silent Wings from Exile is so gorgeous.

  10. Suzan Littlething

    Mesh hair… I tried so much mesh hair already … and I am always dissapointed.

    On photos they always look great. But in SL? Stiff wigs for busted females, that’s it. And this alpha glitch around your head is so ugly. It’s a shame, cause there is so much potential in mesh. But at the moment I cannot say I love mesh hair – yet!

    But I won’t stop trying new mesh hair and maybe one day I will fall in love. 😉

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