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  1. Tawny

    Red is the way forward.

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  2. Dojiba Sabra

    I voted for blonde because I think it goes well with your Pink Fuel skin. I feel the eyebrows aren’t dark enough to carry off brunette hair. It would be interesting to see you as a brunette with darker brows. I might change my vote. 😉

  3. Katarina Chatnoir

    I really think blonde works the best with your face shape but it’s nice to see different colors on you every so often. My vote is definitely for the blonde though – you look dazzling in it!

  4. Fia

    Definitely blonde, but the pink is a close second!

  5. Opal Rae

    Definitely blonde. Beautiful.

  6. Anahata

    dark blonde! would like to see that.

  7. Vianne

    While you *do* the brunette look well… Gogo is a blonde…
    Ok and sometimes a pink, but Gogo is genetically blonde, that’s just how I feel 😀

  8. Lyre Dunia

    Blonde goes the best on you but I love pink on you too. I have something for pink hair anyway.

  9. Kyla Serenity

    I voted blonde even though you look just as beautiful as brunette. Blonde is just you, your personality, kinda like a trademark.

  10. janet Halley

    I must agree with Vianne,and say Gogo is genetically blonde,lol,yep. Pink is flattering,brunette ok,but,Gogo is stunning as a blonde.

  11. Sylvie

    Gogo, if not for you I would be ridiculously fashion- challenged in SL. Thanks for inspiring my in-world look (although I carry some guilt over this…thinking I should create an “individual’ look for Sylvie instead of shamelessly attempting to be your twin…ha ha)…. I watch your blog and when I see a look you’ve put together I go and get it. (I’m completely lame, I know.) The point is to say… whether blonde, brunette or some of your quirky pastel colors (not my fave, but I appreciate your artistic vision), you always look gorgeous. Blonde is my personal preference but I love that you mix things up and keep it interesting for the rest of us.
    Thanks for your blog.

    • Gogo

      Aw! I’m glad you like it 🙂

  12. Tkaela

    I must say you look great in all colors… Ive only seen brunette on you twice, looking at some of your older blogs. Blonde is a great color for you. I would like to see you experiment with more colors. :))

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