Juicy – Pixie Shape

Juicy - Pixie Shape

I was inspired by the new Elena skin release from Izzie’s, so I made a shape for it! The lips are so cute on this skin, and really complements the youthful face. I made this shape petite, a lil’ curvy in all the right places, and also slightly pouty. As always, my shapes are modifiable, so you can tweak the shape to your liking, or wear it as I have styled.

All Juicy Shapes are copy/mod and includes a style card.

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  1. Adorable shape Gogo! And Izzie’s skins are sooooo nice. I discovered Izzie’s about 6 months ago, and fell in love with the skins instantly, and have been wearing nothing but them ever since. And the darkest tones available on the newest skins….to die for. I find it extremely hard to find really nice black skins in SL….there’s not too many out there that do the very dark tones, and do them well. I think the darkest tone for this skin (can’t remember the name of the skintone, sorry) is the best I’ve seen in SL. LOVE IT!

  2. I already had the Elena skin so when I saw you had released this shape specifically for that I had to have it! It looks super pretty in-world, you’ve done a lovely job.

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