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Do you have an iPad? Do you use it for SL? My friend showed me a screen shot of her iPad last year, and it was able to run SL pretty well, to accept inventory, chat with friends list, and walk around, etc.

I use my iPad to watch movies, play games, and surf the web, but I haven’t downloaded the SL app yet!

What’s your favorite iPad app? Mine is the Magic Piano app by Smule. I’m obsessed with playing my favorite songs on here, and trying to get a perfect score!

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  1. starved magic

    I have an android phone so I use the grid app for my sl

  2. Camryn F

    Which app does she use? The only ones I have on my iphone let me chat with people or groups, but I can’t walk around or see my inventory or even myself.

  3. Dojiba Sabra

    My favorite app is Netflix. Or maybe Fotopedia. Or AppAdvice. 🙂

    I’m also curious about the app your friend uses to access SL.

  4. Sophia

    Just got the piano smule app-so much fun! =) Is the secondlife app the metaverse one???

  5. Crys Lexenstar

    I have a Toshiba Thrive…. I run Lumiya on it, a second life grid that allows you to see your surroundings in 3D. However, you like the other SL mobile client, you can’t walk. Just kinda stuck in one place, however you’re able to teleport, chat, mess with inventory, etc.

  6. Tati

    LOVE ♥ the shoes!

    Mind adding my blog to your blogroll:

  7. Rore

    I use Pocket Metaverse and am not all that impressed….I only have the free version, which allows me to see messages and respond, but I can’t see my surroundings, so it’s like being blind. I also am interested in what your friend uses.
    I love the Photo Toaster app for IPad, it’s great for enhancing pics! And, I really like Relax Melody to fall asleep….there is a free app as well as paid one, as well as Oriental & Christmas versions.

  8. Christa Pizzicato

    I love the Magic Fiddle app by Smule!

    Also check AppShopper every day 🙂

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