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Mother Goose

I haven’t reviewed a new skin for some time, cos I felt like my skin reviews were mostly unappreciated, and my last skin review caused a bit of drama (you can read it here, and here). However, I’m giving skins review another go, and will try to blog some brands that aren’t blogged a lot elsewhere.

This will be my 5th and 6th skin review this year and both of the skins are from Mother Goose! I’ve worn Mother Goose skins before, but I haven’t done a proper review of this brand for some time.

Mother Goose - Nigel

Mother Goose – Nigel

The Nigel skin from Mother Goose comes with Dark brows, 8 makeups, teeth version, cleavage on the skin, and some eye liner & eyelash tattoos. I think this face is cute enough, but Mother Goose does not offer a lot of options. I prefer skins with lipsticks on the tattoo layer so I can mix-and-match with my favorite makeup tattoos. I also don’t like having permanent cleavage! I prefer my boobs not “sticky” all the time.

Mother Goose - Linda

Mother Goose – Linda

The Linda skin is really cute, and comes with all the same options as the Nigel skin. I like the Light brows on this skin, and the lipstick colors are amazing. Again, I wish these lipsticks were on the tattoo layer, so I can wear it with some of my other skins!

If you’re looking for a cute new face, check out Mother Goose.

Mother Goose - Nigel

What I’m Wearing:

Truth – Kadence (Espresso)
Truth – Bria w/ Roots (Champagne)
Glam Affair – Dorota Shirt (Indigo) S
BOOM – Feel Free Shorts (Indigo)
Blowpop – Fishnet Tights (Black)
SLink – Tall Leather Thigh Boots (Curvy) BLack

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  1. Sedge Weyland

    Linda definitely makes your avatar look more mature – I like it! 😀

    Mother Goose stores also have a really huge Lucky Board full of skins, some of which are pretty normal and some of which are kind of crazy – I think that while the brand is sometimes a little too free with highlighting, they’re overall good looking and don’t cost a ton of L.

    Two of my favorite guy skins come from this store.

  2. Anahata

    i really like the second skin on you.

  3. Opal Rae

    Oooh, very pretty! I really like some of the MG skins, very natural looking, and petite. Love your outfit, too, the colour is amazing!

  4. Tigo Volare

    It’s a shame the shape of your face doesn’t match with the Mother Goose skins. I tried the demo’s of Nigel and Linda, and they look totally different from your pictures.

    I suggest to anyone who is looking for a new skin: always try it on with diferent shapes. Don’t just wear your own shape and dish the skin because it doesn’t look good. For instance, try find a matching shape of a picture you like on marketplace shapes, and see if they have a free demo for it. Ignore the shape/size of the body, that part is easy to edit once you buy a modifyable shape. It’s the face that matters most!

    • Gogo

      I really like this skin on my shape!

    • Melanie

      “Doesn’t match”…. I have NO clue what you mean by that, are you even looking at the same pics I’m seeing? Looks pretty darn good on Gogo’s face shape, imo.

    • Lillith Hapmouche

      That might work for your take on a shape & skin combination. But if I wear a different or heavily modified shape than my regular one, it automatically makes me feel like wearing a costume, a completely different character, for roleplay purposes.
      So a skin has to compliment my regular shape in some way to be considered as an option.
      Not quite sure where you’re seeing a mismatch on the blog pics either…

      What I like about Mother Goose is that there’s usually a pretty basic, natural make-up which you can easily touch up with various make-up layers. Though for my liking, the quite youthful and cute faces and the rather massive breast volume don’t really mix well.
      Plus, some quite recent releases have that really odd “cleavage” – well, it rather looks as if bits of chocolate melted in the middle of the chest and left a weird brown smudged imprint. But those should be easy to avoid with demos and the very gracious offer of luckyboards and dollarbies. The one depicted on here certainly doesn’t belong to those ones. 🙂

    • Lourdes

      There is nothing wrong with how the skin looks on Gogo’s shape. Here is one thing about female fashion blogging that you probably don’t get: We don’t change our shapes completely for one skin. With some skins some minor tweeks are made but other wise its important to be recognizable. Gogo is recognizable in almost any skin she wears. Thats what is important.

      Thank you Gogo for doing a great skin review. Your reviews are appreciated, please do more.

      • Kuma

        Tigo has as much right to find skin and shape NOT good as you ladies have to fight it good.

        Respect the opinion of others. Just because they differ from yours it doesn’t make them less valid.

        And Tigo was polite, I find the skins on Gogo shape simply ridiculous.

        Anyone’s going to sue me or play the american “freedom of expression is only valid if it is flattery” way?

        • Briony

          Lourdes’ comment was absolutely spot on, and it has nothing to do with flattery or disrespect towards Tigo. Hope you are having fun with your trolling, Kuma.

  5. Opal Rae

    On a totally unrelated note, I’d LOVE to see you put together a sporty look, maybe a pony-tail or pigtails or a cap with some sneakers, that would be super cute!

  6. Sella

    Those skins are gorgeous! Though it seems as if you’re holding back on the review just a tad or perhaps that’s just my thinking.

    Anyways I agree on the lipsticks they should be part of a tattoo layer kinda why I normally go to neutral looking skins is so I can play around with the all the fantastic makeup options that are now available. 🙂

  7. Kristin Burner

    Mew 🙂
    Well if a skin does not look good on my face as it is, then i wont get it, i need to look like me. And i agree, skin makers need to provide the skin as a base version, with makeup on the tattoo layer if they want to sell it to me nowadays 🙂

    As for cleavage, i believe there should always be a second version of the skin with cleavage built in, the problem with cleavage on the tattoo layer is there not enough spots, since you can only have 5 and i am always at 5, we really need at least 10.

  8. Maya Southmoor

    I actually really like the Linda skins on Gogo’s shape but find MG skins are hit and miss for my own shape. Still i’ll have a look at the skin and to be fair I see the article as having done its job its presented the skin in Gogo’s usual high standard and sparked my interest.

    As a small comment on Tigo’s input I would expect the skins to look different without having the exact shape Gogo has which afaik is not available as such. I’m tending to agree with others that while it is a choice I think more skins are bought then shapes since its much easier to tweak a shape to fit a skin to an extent.

    On the subject of unconstructive comments as opposed to outright trolling I find that allowing both sides of an issue to be debated isn’t a bad thing providing a balanced viewpoint is good for an informed decision.

  9. Debs

    Ok hating the layout of the Glam Affair sim, cant find anything?!

    Seriously, there is many a lovely item of clothing blogged here that in world is almost impossible to find and I hold store owners accountable. They seriously need to consider store layout better.

    • Takuma Kawashima

      If Gogo bothered to mention that those ‘many a lovely item of clothing blogged here’ are only available at Collabor88 and not in the main store, you might not have to wander around the sim holding store owners accountable. 😉

      • Debs

        Thank you, I did find it there, my comment about store layout stands though. I have been to many stores where they layout is challenging and that’s being polite in some cases. There needs to be a more concerted effort by store owners to be more user friendly. Across the board and not just in this case.

    • synsera myanamotu

      I love this shirt and I can’t seem to find it at Glam Affair 🙁

      • Jessie Mason


        I had trouble too at first. Its at Collabor88….”)

      • Raya

        I liked the look of the shirt too, until you try it on and see that it has no lining to back : /
        That is just sad…by now all designers should realize they need to line the inside of any part of the clothing that shows!

        • Meri

          I had this too! Spent the last half an hour wandering around Glam Affair trying to find this top (not there!). I think Glam Affair really should sort it out, it’s made me quite irritable (they don’t even seem to have a mesh section that I could find and you can’t teleport from their notecard landmarks at the landing area)

          Re. this blog – Love it generally – but please, please Gogo – make it easier for us to find things. I thought you used to give surl links?

          Keep up the honest and impartial commentary, I, for one, love it. Thanks

  10. Ninna Dazy

    Those MG skins looks a bit strange to me because of eyebrows – like they are shawed. Don’t like that. Nice eyebrows are very important for face and that’s the reason one I wouldnt buy this skin.

  11. Paris

    I like this skin on you, suits your shape well! Please do some more skin reviews, not enough bloggers do proper skin reviews.

  12. Dojiba Sabra

    I think the Linda skin makes you look a little like Katie Hudson. Cute!

  13. Aoife

    I like Nigel a lot.

    One question: Why do you buy skins if you don’t ever plan on wearing them again? Just for the sake of reviewing them? I wish I were rich enough to do that! 😛

    • Opal Rae

      I think bloggers get stuff for free, to review them, I might be wrong! My bad if I am, lol.

  14. Nina

    Personally, I’d love to see you wearing skins from My Ugly Dorothy by Sopha Portal.

  15. Shiny Bubble

    I like the skins but i think the one thing that puts me off is the eyebrows … they are so light it makes the face look a bit strange, again this might just be me but i think maybe thats what is a little off putting rather than the skin itself.

    I love reviews on skins and find gogo speaks what she thinks and it isnt forced.

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