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This new Brokenhearted hairstyle (inspired by a Karmin song of the same name) is so adorable!! I am wearing my favorite tears tattoo from Izzie’s, to create a Brokenhearted teary face. Although the song name is sad, I actually am really happy when I listen to this song. It has such an upbeat tune.

♪ See I’ve been waiting all day
For you to call me baby
So let’s get up, let’s get on it
Don’t you leave me broken hearted tonight ♪


What I’m Wearing:

Exile – Brokenhearted (Vanilla)
Izzie’s – Tears + Redness tattoo
Leverocci – Soft Satin Blouse (White) S
Hucci – Suede Mini Skirt (S) Crisp

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  1. Lillith Hapmouche

    For my taste, Izzie’s tears are among the most realistic, detailed and prettiest on the market. Some look so extremely flat and plain white that they could easily pass for different types of roleplay or the tear drops are almost as large as the eyeball… no, thanks.

  2. Nadira

    Those are some great lashes, love that they are big and fluttery at the top but not so much at the bottom. Who are they by?

  3. Opal Rae

    Aww, poor Gogo, so sad! But looking as lovely as ever, love that hair so much! Kinds reminds me of one of my faves – Locked from [e] except it only hangs down one side of the face, so this to me is perfect hair since it hangs down on both sides!

  4. Amirana

    That hair looks amazing! I usually wear Truth, but I might have to check this shop too. I’m really impressed with how wonderful your photography is. Your eyes just pop right out. SO beautiful!

  5. Mandie Zobovic

    Do you or anyone happen to have the LM to the store or URL, tried looking and couldn’t find it. Looks amazingly realistic though, a must have! Great job on the picture!

    • Mandie Zobovic

      *Facepalms myself* Thankfully I checked up on this, didn’t even say what for…Izzie’s store.

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