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Juicy - Kiki shape

Some of you guys have asked me for a shape for the Kumi skin from Pink Fuel, so here she is! Meet Kiki!  This shape is perfect for the Kumi skin, and I also made her cute & petite! I hope you guys like it! You can find my Kiki shape at the Pink Fuel Main Store, also shop for Kumi while you’re there, too! <3

All Juicy Shapes are copy/mod and includes a style card.

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Juicy - Kiki Shape

Adding this picture to give you an idea of how you can style this shape with Kumi in (Latte) tan skin and give her a nice beachy look.

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  1. OMG it’s gorgeous, I absolutely love it 🙂
    The tanned beach look is beautiful!

  2. I really love the work you do … but it’s so hard to buy a high-end shape without first trying a demo version. I’m such a chicken 🙂

  3. I’ve seen a few ladies mention that they wish Juicy gave out demo’s.
    I just want to make it clear that I do not know Juicy personally, I have no reason to say this other than I genuinely mean it – what you see is what you get with these shapes, they are absolutely beautiful.
    I own half a dozen of them and I love them all dearly, I have only worn one other shapemakers creation in the last year and that lasted all of 2 days, hehe.
    Juicy is da bomb!

    • It’s not the shape. I’m sure it’s perfect and high quality. But sometimes even the best shapes don’t match your skins … and vice versa. It’s the combination … they have to work as a team. And there are times when it just doesn’t.

      • I agree Ashlee. I don’t understand why people think that wanting to try a demo is in some way saying you that doubt the shape is good quality. I wouldn’t even consider buying a shape if I doubted the quality of it, so I certainly wouldn’t need a demo.

        But as you said, some shapes do not work with certain skins, no matter how good the quality of each is. And I do think it’s a shame Juicy shapes don’t have demos. I have never bought one for that reason. Though if they did have them, I’d be the first person trying them out, because they look lovely.

  4. Gogo,

    You’ve been one of the shape masters for quite sometime. Secretly, Im looking forward to something quite new in the face area, something that challenges you and makes us see how far you can go with the available mesh to create something a bit different from your facial structure. After your poll, Im looking forward to your next shape!!


  5. I bought this shape and I really like it. It’s beautiful paired with the skin that it was designed for. She is small, but you can modify if you’d like her a bit taller. Very nice.

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