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Hi guys! What type of shape do you want to see next from Juicy Shapes? I’ve always made slender female shapes, but I wonder if some of you guys out there are waiting for something else! Please take my poll below, it will help me decide what type of shape to release next. Thanks!

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  1. I’d love to see you make a male shape BUT the voluptuous female gets my vote, and that’s purely because me and my man love the shapes you make but he’s always telling me to make the boobs and butt a lil bit bigger, hehe.
    So yes, VOLUPTUOUS FEMALE!!!!!

  2. A female shape with a more exotic face! All your shapes are lovely, but quite honestly I can’t tell any of them apart. They all look pretty much the same, and they all look like your carbon copies (as in your regular shape that you use for yourself). I’d like to see your wonderful skills at work in creating something not so “vanilla” (i.e. perfect caucasian features). Yes, oval shaped faces are considered perfect; yes, large almond shaped eyes are considered ideal; yes, small noses are most desired, but perfection does not equal beauty. In real life some of the most beautiful people I’ve ever seen have had facial features that were not ideal at all, yet they were gorgeous nonetheless. Adriana Lima is a perfect example. She is considered to be one of the most beautiful women alive, yet none of her facial features fit the typical standards of beauty. Her eyes are relatively small, her nose is on the larger side, her face is round/square shape, her eyebrows are very low and not arched enough, etc.
    I’m not telling you to make a shape that looks like Adriana Lima; all I’m saying is that I’d like you to deviate from the norm and get out of your comfort zone by creating something more exotic and not so “perfect”.

  3. Hi 🙂 How about a shape for small chests, like to match with Pink Fuels Small Chest and Dehancer layers?

  4. I vote for a curvy shape, standard size L, that is also a realistic height, under 6ft.

  5. Definitely agree with Morticia!
    A standard size L that isn’t a dwarf or a potato sack shape!
    I find there’s -way- too much size difference between the M and L, and way too little between the S and M!

  6. I prefer women shapes BUT PLEASE provide a DEMO!!! Its really hard to decide what shape to buy if we are not able to see what we buy! Please get us a DEMO!!!

  7. Maybe provide all standard size bodies with each face? I know the measurements are posted and your shapes are modify, but pre-made in a shape package might be a good idea now that we have standard sizes.

  8. I’d prefer a shape which doesn’t look like Gogo. I love your facial features (round face, small lips, small nose, youthfull look) but could you create shapes that have those features but don’t look like Gogo exactly? I love your shapes and I have a bunch because I’m an impulsive buyer but I hesitate wearing them. I don’t want to look like someone else.

    I know it may not sound logical wanting you to keep the same basic features and make it different than Gogo but please consider if possible. 🙂

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