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Autumn Again


We had gorgeous Autumn weather today! I’m inspired by the new Trench Jacket from Ricielli to create a nice Autumn outfit that blends in with all the wonderful colors of nature. This outfit is a mixture of texture layer clothes & mesh, and I think that they work beautifully together! I drove myself crazy trying to find mesh jeans to pair with the jacket, but it’s unnecessary, cos it wouldn’t have fit with my boots anyway. Yay for still-nice texture clothes.

What I’m Wearing:

Exile – London Rain (Stefani)
Ricielli – (S) Trench Jacket/red
BOOM – Everyday Tank (Pitch) no sheer 2
Mon Tissu – Lou Lou Denim (Dark)
Mon Tissu – Provence Riding Boots (Vintage Red)
Miel – Elo Jewelry Set
@ The Warrumville Designers

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  1. L


  2. Allaine Lavendel

    Great autumn pic, great clothes. You are looking very pretty in those.
    Also great color combo between boots and jacket.

    Doesn’t that combined with the jeans tone give you a taller, thinner look? Loving it thou 🙂

    Autumn is here! but you make it be enjoyable despite the cold.
    Everyone to their homes, keep warm, giggles.

  3. Kghia

    Very cute. Love the jacket!

  4. Diamond

    Everything doesn’t have to be mesh to look good. I always mix and match mesh clothes with textured clothing since I am still rebelling against editing my shape to fit SL’s standards. Glad to see someone who isn’t afraid to still wear textured clothing. 🙂

  5. Tracy Redangel

    Oh I love this look so much! Haha I sort of copied this look lol. I bought the jacket ( can’t remember which, but it’s a light honey brown) and paired it with my ol’ Mon tissue jeans as well. I paired it with Maitreya Radical boots. Absolutely love it.
    I have lots of older, non-mesh clothes I love.

  6. Charolotte Caxton

    Super cute look!

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