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Feed readers, please vote!

Some time last year, I turned my RSS feed setting from full text to just the summary. I’m thinking of changing it back to full text, even though content scrapers might be able to feed my site without permission. If you guys want it back the way it was, please vote below!

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  1. Nalates Urriah

    The change does affect traffic, at least on my site it does. Fewer people visit if I provide the full article.

  2. Lourdes

    I see preview w/ pic with more after the cut. There is a wp plugin that works for that. Let me know if you need the name, I use it but can’t remember the name.

  3. Lourdes

    umm see should be say… damn auto correct

  4. Sedge Weyland

    I like the summary – especially for lingere and skin posts. πŸ˜€ That way I don’t end up with unexpected nude pics if I open my feed with my roomie behind me!

  5. Angela

    Content scappers don’t need your rss feed to do so, it’s not the only way. So that should not be the main reason. But if it was my site I would go for summary. Because I like to see how many people are reading my blog and it makes it easyer to block that person that is being rude.

    As a reader I want full text. I’ts quick and easy. 100 blogs/sites in just one peek. And when I need to travel I just sync it with my reader and I have enough reading material for the day without using my internet bundle.

    Yes less people might visit but that does not mean that they are not watching.
    People will return to your site. If its not for giving a comment or just because the layout makes it so much nicer to read.

  6. Sydd Sinister

    I read everything in google reader and if I like the post I’ll go to it to give it traffic but with it the way it is now I pretty much scroll by the posts and never see them because they are text only and I don’t notice them. But it does make me click your page a lot more because I feel like I am missing your updates so I’m constantly checking to see what i miss in google reader

  7. Vampira Aristocrat

    I use Flipboard & Pulse on Android and a tablet to view my feeds generally. Since you only use “summary” I am forced to have my phone/tablet open your site each time in the browser, defeating the purpose of these fab apps. I love being able to keep up with my SL feeds in this way, and I have excellent experience with non-summary feeds.

    Thanks for always keeping your blog so fresh and fabulous. You are in my top blogs list, so having images included once again would make my week! Appreciate the chance to express an opinion and have you consider changing formats…


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