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Gogo’s top 10 SL blogs

Gogo's top 10 SL blogs

What’s on my reader? Besides my blog, I also enjoy reading (stalking) certain blogs in SL that covers a range of topics — from fashion to SL-related news! My SL reader consists mostly of fashion blogs, but I also appreciate sites like Shopping Cart Disco and New World Notes for keeping me up-to-date on the latest ‘news’ around the grid.

Gogo’s top 10 SL blogs:

It’s Only Fashion
Salome Says
Strawberry Singh
A Sixx Sense
Shopping Cart Disco
Dwell On It
New World Notes

The list is in no particular order, but I had to include iheartsl on there, cos well.. that’s obvious. I’m following hundreds of SL blogs on my reader, but these are the 10 that stood out for me, and I read them at least once a week (or when there’s an update).

What are your top 10 favorite SL blogs?

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  1. Sasy Scarborough

    I am honoured and overwhelmed, thank you Gogo ♥


  2. Opal Rae

    First and foremost will always be your blog, Juicy, I get so happy when you make a new post.
    I also like

  3. Ohna

    Nice list, I agree with some of yours, especially Ch’Know and Strawberry Singh. I also love that you did a top 10, and not like a top 5 or so, because it is really hard to choose 1 favorite.

    My top 10 favs are (random order really):

    It was even hard to choose 10, because I like a lot of blogs.

  4. Sixx Yangtz

    So honored coming from Ms. Blogger Queen! o/

  5. Beccapet

    I mostly read your blog and Inara Pey’s “Living in a Modem World”.

  6. Anahata

    my faves are

    confessions of a broke SL shopaholic
    so many styles
    slexy fashionista

  7. Cajsa Lilliehook

    Thanks so much! I think I should make a list, just to see where we overlap and diverge.

  8. Leilani

    Your blog is my fav and has been since I discovered in back in 2007

    Other SL blogs I enjoy: i just love her edgy style and hi rez photos

  9. Amirana

    I love reading your blog! It’s great to see someone who really has great fashion sense and takes such great pictures! I really do plan on reading some of these blogs.

    Btw, I have my own blog that I just started in August. I hope it’s ok to leave a link here

    If it’s not, I understand.

    I’m going to waste so much time reading these blogs! Thanks for the list!

  10. Alicia Chenaux

    Awww! Thank you, Gogo!!!! <33333

  11. Annie Brightstar

    I thought it would be hard to reach 10 blogs until I started listing them; then I found I was having to leave out ones I like just to keep the list down to 10

    Anyway in no particular order

    • Yordie Sands

      Hi Annie… thanks for including my in your list on juicybomb. Hugs

  12. kesseret

    I love that you included SCD. <3 Thank you (and I'm like 100 years behind on this, sorry, but I appreciate you a lot!!!)

  13. Caroline Resident

    Hi Juicy,

    I see the list is kinda old hence could be out of date. Maybe you like mine (which I started back in 2012). Please be aware it is of adult nature.

    A little tipp: Your blog doesn’t use SSL (https) which leads to Google Chrome showing a “site not secure” message. Maybe you want to consider changing to https. This is also a ranking signal for Google.

    Caroline Resident

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